Terre D 'Hermes - a unique flavor to favorites

more than thirty years the spirits of Hermes is a popular and favorite scents for women and men around the world who rightly believe that the flavors of this powerful brand can be classified as the highest art of perfumery.

important role in the popularity of the brand has a very stylish design and bright spirits.Gentle waves and floral arrangements are accompanied by sweet, but the addition of particles of spices train.This combination is very common for women's fragrances Hermes.

Women of the Hermes perfume collection is designed for graceful beauties, from which it is impossible to withdraw eyes.In the men's fragrance companies do not use notes of ripe fruit, they successfully replace the warm flavors of different trees, which is very well underscore the image of a confident man.

In 2006 the company released a new fragrance for men - Terre D 'Hermes.It is designed for men who are firmly on the ground, but their thoughts soar high in the sky;for those who can not imagine themselves without air a

nd freedom, who for the life of the space is required.These men are able to see a black cat in a dark room.

main components of the composition - everything that is connected with the earth, because in French the word «terre» means "earth" - wood, stones, flowers.At the beginning of the fragrance you feel energetic and strong notes of grapefruit and orange, geranium, rose and pepper.Then there are rich and sensual notes of patchouli, vetiver and cedar.

In the same 2006 admirers of the house Hermes received another gift - the male toilet water Hermes «Terre D 'Hermes».This is a great manly fragrance, created for those who are able to marvel at the perfection of his own admiration of others and perceive women.

Luxury Terre D 'Hermes - only for discerning men who, finding your perfect scent, do not change it for many years, enjoying the full harmony of the vivid feelings and emotions.

modern technology to actively break into the world of perfumery today.They allow you to create some incredible composition perfumers give the works a little different sound.The new fragrance for women Hermes «Terre Mugler» worthy of a gourmet.Now that, according to the creators of the new items, sweet smells become commonplace thing, it is time to start to try something new, for example, the salty smell.There

fashion houses in the world, including the very famous, who are always ready to experiment, they are not afraid of appearing ridiculous, they are not afraid of failure, which can spoil the reputation of the company.These brand-experimenters in the first place it is necessary to carry Hermes.

famous perfumer Thierry Mugler once created a vanilla sweet fragrance Angel.His next ideas became salty smell.

According to Thierry, he could not opt ​​for the product, worthy to be embodied in the perfume fragrance.The company's plans did not include the establishment of a certain art object that would be discussed in the press and obsmeyat the sidelines.The main emphasis is on the mango chutney - Famous Indian snack.But then suddenly the idea of ​​using the flavor of black caviar.Molecular caviar extract is fresh and dark, there felt something bestial and dangerous.No one could have predicted that fish note can be a gourmet.More

two components Terre D 'Hermes Mugler - wild strawberries and figs.The aroma has turned ambiguous, but you can be sure that it will find its admirers.