What class?

long been in Russia between certain people who have inherited the rights and duties that have been assigned by the state or traditions existed feudal class relations.Characteristic for them was a hierarchy on the basis of their position of inequality and privilege.This is the class in Russia in the basic sense of the term.Other definitions say that class - people, united to each other by some sign or professional interests.


Now that we all know what a class, let's follow the social structure in ancient Russia.Without a doubt, the highest estate was then considered the princes.However, after some time this group began to carry the clergy.Probably, they have ranked as a higher order of birth because of their landed property (patrimony).The brigade in Russia also enjoyed certain privileges.

What is a "class" in the squad

Brigade organization has its own hierarchy.That is to say, it was their internal division into "class".At the very top of the hierarchy were the elders (the oldest squ

ad).These were the boyars.The lower the "estate" was the youngest squad.Representatives of this stage of boys were called.

middle classes of people

This class included merchants, craftsmen and owners of small estates.Most merchants were small traders, the rich also have the opportunity to trade outside their own state.

lower classes of people

to this social class belonged to the free rural population, which has been charged tribute, as well as free citizens, called people.Unfortunately, we do not have historical data that would allow us to set up a proportional relationship of the lower classes to a consistent population.

Serfs and smerdy

Captive servants of the Lord were called slaves and servants.Among them were a special category called smerdy.It serfs, who, in turn, were divided into three groups:

  • free;
  • attached;
  • unfree.

So we looked at what the class times of Ancient Rus.Now let's move to the 19th century and find out what kind of class were in imperial Russia.

Estates Russian Empire

Estates in Russia this time is determined by a set of laws of the Russian Empire and divided into four main groups:

  • clergy;
  • nobility;
  • citizens;
  • villagers.

Thus townspeople were divided into subgroups:

  • honor;
  • merchants;
  • master workshops;
  • burgers;
  • smallholders;
  • wage workers.

Generally, this class division was the hallmark of pre-revolutionary Russia and Europe.In our time, the formal class stored only in the UK, as the country is officially proclaimed monarchy.

like you already know, belonging to a certain social class is always regulated by heredity.However, there were exceptions!Interestingly, in some cases, enter a certain class of people (for example, to become a prince) could be for special services or just buy the title for a tidy sum.We have to understand what class and what classes existed in the days of ancient and imperial Russia.