The area where your child develops - sports corners in kindergarten

As a child, the child should be able to move freely.Today's children spend too much time playing computer games sitting at the table.Therefore it is very important to encourage children outside the home to the movement.Sport corners in kindergarten must be equipped accordingly.What are the main requirements for their design?This article helps to solve this.

Where are the sports corner in kindergarten?

Standard kindergarten usually provides a music room.In more recent projects is often a room for physical education classes.In addition, the corners of the sport in kindergarten may be and within groups.Manual pre-school should provide the necessary fixed equipment.

Making sports corner

The classic version is suitable for any garden should include wall bars, baskets of balls, mats, coasters with flags, hoops, ribbons and so on. Many of today's preschool institutions have simulators.Typically, they are designed for children of the senior and preparatory groups.

Periodically racing corners in the kin

dergarten should be refreshing, changing attributes.They must be suitable for the age of the children.For example, children in the younger group should be easy to pick up balls of medium size - they are easy to roll or throw them at each other.You can make a small gate of plywood or plastic for rolling balls.

For children in the older groups need to have several different types of balls.Large will be used to perform gymnastic exercises, and small suited for shots on target.You can make a target out of plywood and hang it on the wall at the level of the eyebrows and the eyes of children.

Sport corners in kindergarten - this is the place where you can leave the deposit of those items, which in this period children perform daily exercises.It is desirable that the attribute was somewhat higher than in the groups of children.During the morning exercises can use the check boxes, balls, colors, cubes, hoops Gymnastic sticks.At another time in a corner there could be less.

Sport corners in kindergarten may serve as a place to store many items for hardening.For example, there may be massage track.Such equipment is sold in stores.Barbed plastic track to successfully replace the track with buttons that can be easily done by hand.For regular movements during walking can be made special "tracks".

A performer who?

beautiful and functional sports area is not too difficult to make, but still have to tinker.If the management of pre-school institutions, teachers in groups and, of course, the parents of the children take on the case together, these efforts will not be in vain.Corner for sports and games get fun and practical.

equipment for children are usually bought centrally.Attach it to be in compliance with all safety standards.For example, the Swedish wall after installation should always be scanned.

It is advisable to book at the same time equipment, such as suspension, stand for different attributes.It should pick it up so that it was not only useful.Kids love all the beautiful, bright.Therefore, sports corners saturated colors will be especially loved the guys.An excellent solution is to cock, on the wings and in the pockets of which are located scarves and flowers, and all sorts of colorful hanging neck hoops.

Many parents help to make or buy special physical training complexes, which are often installed in apartments.Also, Mom and Dad can make some attributes, such as gates, target massage track with buttons, etc..


As you can see, the construction of a sports corner - the procedure is simple.Few facilities and work - and your children will be able to grow by strengthening their health.