Menu child in 2 years.

Power of each person should be balanced so that the body gets enough energy for life.Especially if it's a growing baby, for whom food is a supplier of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber.Menu child in the 2 years you need to plan carefully to the day he received a sufficient amount of energy.The organism grows and food is paid much attention.

Differences from infant nutrition

Menu child in 2 years already different from what he ate in a year.Now the main products introduced as foods, almost all the teeth have grown, and you can move on to pureed food on lumpy.Soups should not turned into a puree, let the baby learns to chew.Also, the meat is not necessary to twist the stuffing can be boiled and cut into small pieces or stew.Density of porridge should also gradually increase.Dairy products should be present in the diet, along with meat, cereals, breads, fruits and vegetables.Let the kid will join the common table, eating with everyone and takes the example of their parents -

so he quickly learned to hold a spoon, and will look forward to the next meal.However, the menu of the child in 2 years should not consist of those dishes that are eaten by adults.Babies of this age is to cook separately.

unlike adults power

growing body baby needs only those products that benefit him.You should know that from the adult food on the menu is not suitable for a child 2 years of age:

  • mushrooms;
  • -store canned tomato sauces, mayonnaise, pickled vegetables;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • seafood and salted fish;
  • meat duck, goose;
  • sausages and smoked;
  • coffee drinks;
  • spicy seasonings and spices;
  • amount of chocolate and confectionery products is limited.

Over time, the child will eat the same as adults, and for children of two years there is a huge variety of recipes that will delight not only the crumbs, but also his parents.

Example menu for the child 2 years

To facilitate the task of concerned mothers and fathers, give more power scheme for children.

Menu child in 2 years the week
Day Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner

200 g semolina, 100 ml of tea with milk, a sandwich (30 grams of breadand 10 g of butter)

40 grams of green salad with sour cream, 150 ml of borscht on bone broth with fresh vegetables, 60 g of beef zrazy, 100 g of buckwheat porridge, 100 ml apple juice, 30 grams of wheat and 20 g of rye bread

150 ml of yogurt, 15 grams of biscuits, one apple 200 g of fish with vegetables in sour cream, 150 ml of yogurt, 10 g of wheat and rye bread
2. 200 g of cheese cake with walnuts and apples, 150 ml of weak tea, sandwich 40 grams of salad from apples and beets, 150 ml of potato soup with mannymi dumplings 50g stroganoff from boiled meat, 100 grams of mashed potatoes, 100 ml of fruit compote, 30 g of wheat and 20 g of rye bread 150 ml of milk, oatmeal Korzhik 50 grams omelette with cauliflower, 150 g of milk rice porridge, 150 ml of yogurt, 10 g of rye and wheat bread
3. 40 g salad of apples and tomatoes,160 g milk herculean porridge, 150 ml of cocoa drinks, sandwiches 40 g of herring snacks, 150 ml of hot beetroot, 200 g rice cake with liver and breast sauce, 100 ml infusion of rose hips, 30 and 20 g of wheat and rye bread, respectively 150 ml of milk with a black currant jelly, cheese Korzhik 200 g of cheese zrazy with fruit sauce, 150 ml of yogurt, 20 grams of bread
4. 200 g cheesecakes with sour cream, 150 ml of milk, sandwich 40 grams of salad from fresh cabbage, carrots and beets, 150 ml rassolnik, 60 g steam fish quenelle, 40 g sauce, 100 g potato puree, 100 ml of juice from tomatoes, bread 150 ml of yogurt, 10 grams of biscuits, baked with sugarApple 200 g potato patties with egg sauce, 150 ml of yogurt, bread
5. 200 g milk rice porridge, 150 ml of milk with cocoa, sandwich with cheese 40 g green peas with onion and butter, 150 ml of soup with meatballs and corn semolina, 50 g of beef patties, 100 g of cottage cheese and zucchini, 100 ml of strawberry jelly, bread 150 ml walnut milk, bun 120 g cabbage cutlets, 80 g of cottage cheese with carrots, 150ml of yogurt, bread
6. 80g omelet with cheese, 120 g mannyh meatballs with sour cream, 150 ml of cocoa drinks, sandwiches 40 g of vegetable salad, 150 ml of milk soup with potato dumplings, meatballs, 60 grabbit, 100 g buckwheat porridge 100 ml of fruit compote, bread 50 g kefir jelly 10ml apricot drink 10 grams of biscuits 150 g cauliflower, baked in sour cream, 30 g of herring marinated, 150 ml of yogurt,bread
7. 30 g beetroot salad with sour cream, 150 grams of cheese cake with raisins and sour cream, 150 ml of tea with milk, sandwich 30 g herring paste, 150 ml of green borscht, 60 g stuffed beef patties,120 g of semolina on the vegetable broth, 100 ml of prune juice, bread 150 ml of yogurt with crushed apples and mountain ash, oat Korzhik 120 g rice cake with fish and milk sauce, 80 g stewed in cream of carrots, 150 ml of yogurt,bread

Rules for compiling diet

If you can not strictly follow the recommendations in this menu for children, it's not scary.The main thing is to adhere to certain rules when preparing your baby healthy food:

  • lean meat should be present in the diet on a daily basis, about 90 grams, and offal - 1-2 times a week;
  • sausages can be given a special, children, and only as a rare exception;
  • fish with few bones - 2-3 times a week for 70-100 grams at a time;
  • daily recommended 600 ml of milk products, at least 200 of them - yogurt or fermented milk;
  • curds in cheese or in casseroles, puddings and cheesecakes - several times a week;
  • egg - 3-4 times;
  • daily 12 g of butter and 6 g of vegetable oil;
  • at least 250 grams of fruit and vegetables a day;
  • about 100 grams of bread a day.

these rules adhere to cook in kindergartens, accounting for 2.5 years of the child's menu.

How to handle products

to organize adequate nutrition of the child (2 years), the menu should include food boiled, steamed, baked, freshly prepared.It is not necessary to give the baby roast, the same burgers can be steamed.Let the kid eats fruits and vegetables in raw or processed form.

The correct diet

Some products appear in our diet periodically seasonally.Therefore, in spring and autumn, you can support the forces of the body, taking multivitamin complexes, but only after consulting with a pediatrician.Better to give preference to those products, fruits, vegetables and herbs that are grown in the region where you live.

How to organize meals for children

menu in detail has given, and it is desirable to maintain the rhythm of food given the kid every day.If it still does not go to kindergarten, and sit at home, make a specific schedule, the sequence of actions for the day.Let the child know that, for example, in the morning he wakes up, Feeds, and will make a charge for breakfast.After the walk will wash hands and will have lunch and in the afternoon will receive a long-awaited piece of candy.It is not necessary to adhere to the schedule by the hour, the main thing - it is the next action.So, after a vigorous walking on the street at the kid wakes up the appetite, the more he knows - his house is already waiting for a few tasty dishes, and happily eat everything offered.

Malnutrition and obesity

can not be forced to force the baby to eat all that lies in his plate.If he does not want to have right now, wait for the next meal, not offering him a snack.Then the next time portion will be eaten.You should not overfeed the baby, it overloads his digestive system.Let him eat a little, but when you really want.Parents should not upset the child, in their opinion, are malnourished.He will get all the necessary materials, just to eat a bit later or tomorrow.If it feels good, having fun and playing with enthusiasm and is engaged - it's a sign that he is now completely full.