"Normobakt" for children.

In recent decades, a violation of the intestinal microflora of the intestine in early childhood is widespread.Pediatricians are really concerned about this phenomenon.Intestinal dysbiosis, according to the WHO, has become the most prevalent health problem in Russia.As a rule, dysbiosis always secondary, for this reason, the right to speak not about therapy, and correction status.

Violation of the microflora is often observed in children under one year.In this age of dysbiosis flow tightens the underlying pathology and complicates it.This happens for one simple reason: a newborn from a sterile environment (intrauterine isolation) falls into the world of microbial colonization.The main source of transmission is mother obligate microflora.Immune factors of breast milk (or rather, colostrum) block opportunistic microorganisms.

But in cases where a woman has no way to feed your baby with her milk, starting intestinal problems in the child.As a result, there is an accumulation of undigested macromolecu

les food, they cause allergic.In such cases, the restoration of beneficial bifidobacteria microflora.This makes the drug "Normobakt" (for children).

Pharmacological action

This biological agent is specially formulated for the treatment and prevention of dysbiosis.It is designed to maintain and normalize the natural microflora, evidenced by the instruction.The composition of the medicament include strains of live bacteria (in the ratio 1: 1) - Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus acidophilus.

This combination of the two components contribute to the creation of a protective environment, which do not survive pathogenic fungi, spherical bacteria (staphylococcus, salmonella, streptococcus), and pathogens of various infections.Supplements "Normobakt" (for children) ensures complete protection of intestinal colonization by pathogenic microorganisms and parietal increases the absorption of calcium, iron ions, and vitamins D, B, K.

The drug simultaneously with antibacterial agents can reduce the side effects of antibiotics.In addition, in its composition it contains vitamin complex to become actively involved in the metabolism of the intestinal flora.Experts confirm the therapeutic effect of the use of this additive.According to the manufacturer, the drug "Normobakt" inhibits reproduction of harmful bacteria and maintain the natural environment.The tool has a pronounced antagonistic action against pathogenic intestinal micro-organisms.

how to produce additive "Normobakt" (for children)?

Useful lactic acid bacteria, which are present in the composition of the drug is grown only in the laboratory.After complete "maturation" of lyophilized (dried), and then packaged in sachets.It delivers these bacteria an international company Chr.Hansen, manufactures dietary supplements for the pharmaceutical, agriculture and industry.

All probiotic cultures pass strict quality control and clinical trials, which ensures complete safety and therapeutic efficacy.Multiple studies of bacterial strains have shown that they improve the motility of the gastrointestinal tract and increases the body's resistance to infections.


Appointed as a tool for preventive and therapeutic purposes in dysbacteriosis, and while taking antibiotics.It helps eliminate the clinical picture, there has been in violation of the microflora: nausea, vomiting, pain, unstable stool (diarrhea, constipation), and fetid breath.


estimated doctors, drug "Normobakt" (for children) is absolutely safe even for kids, because they do not contain hazardous chemical components and cow's milk proteins.In practice, there were cases of the harmful effects of this supplement.But before treatment we recommend a consultation.

Side effects

In very rare cases of the following symptoms: bloating, diarrhea and allergic rashes.In identifying at least one of the symptoms of this drug should be replaced by others of similar effect.

Dosage and use

supplements "Normobakt" (for children) permitted for use at an early age - from six months to a lesser dosage.Kids between the ages of six months to three years appoints one sachet once a day.Children from three to 12 years: 1-2 sachets.Adults - two doses per day.Take the medicine with food.Duration of treatment an average of 10 days.At the discretion of the course may be extended for a few days.

divorce BAD?

drug "Normobakt" for children ("Bears" - sweet pills) can be diluted in the mashed potatoes, cereals and any liquids, most importantly, the temperature of the products does not exceed 40 degrees.Means tastes good and does not spoil the food.The use of this probiotic preparation will help in the short term to normalize intestinal flora, relieve the unpleasant symptoms of dysbiosis and strengthen the immune system.

Most people are positive about the preparation "Normobakt."Price (guide gives a complete description and recommendations on the application) tablets in the form of bears is in the range of 300-350 rubles, in the form of powder - 200-250 rub.Means normalizes the intestine and quickly return the digestive organs health.However, one should bear in mind that dietary supplements only activates and improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, but does not cure infectious diseases.

Therefore, when suspected goiter caused due to physical fatigue, stress, poor nutrition or artificial feeding, it is advisable to use an additional tool with other drugs.During therapy, you need to follow a diet: eat meals only in the form of heat, to eliminate all the fat, smoked, salted and sweet from the diet, avoid snacking (arrange schedule power on hours), drink plenty of fluids (pure water, fruit drinks, tea).

assigned the correct treatment and supply system can only practicing doctor after the test.All information in the article is presented for informational and not an instruction to treatment.Take care of their children and monitor their health!