Pelmennica manual - assistant in the kitchen

Who ever sculpted dumplings in large amounts (more than 100 pcs.), Who knows how tiring the work.Especially annoying is the "pastime", when in a hurry, but of the whole big family, no one is going to help the hostess.In this case, the mechanical Pelmennica really helps.

Understanding adaptation

Even in the times of the Soviet Union in many kitchens had Pelmennica mechanical made of metal.And though it is often used for other purposes (even in the form of support under the dishes), in case of emergency it can significantly ease the life of the mistress.With the help of this device significantly accelerates the process of modeling dumplings.However, they all have a standard-size and evenly formed seams.Most of the steel mechanical Pelmennica is a small board thickness is greater than 2 cm. It same cut holes.Most often, they are hexagonal, semicircular, round and square.Their edges are raised a few millimeters above the surface of the board, which greatly facilitates the process of filling the dumpli

ngs and sculpting.The hostess can choose the most appropriate form for her pelmeshek.Board with square holes can be used for the manufacture of Italian ravioli.Typically, the cell size is close to the 5 x 5 cm.

process modeling ravioli

To prepare the dumplings of the same surface of the device is covered by a layer of dough roll it out evenly.Spread a teaspoon of minced meat where visible holes.Pelmennica mechanical standard allows for a time to produce about 40 pieces pelmeshek.After putting some mince his uniform covered with another layer of dough roll it out.Conventional rolling pin was then carried out smoothly over the surface.This ready-made dumplings "prozhimayutsya" in the hole.Tightly compressed using a rolling pin ribbed edges of the holes are cut and tightly connected.

Mechanical Pelmennica Housing

To date range of this type of kitchen appliances has grown considerably.Thus Pelmennica manual may be made not only of metal and various alloys, but also of food grade plastic and wood.Of course, the choice of a utensil should not forget that it is necessary to wash periodically by adhering test.That is why A wooden mechanical Pelmennica, although it has a great aesthetic and is not widespread in our kitchens.This arrangement accumulates with time more microbes that develop successfully in the wood structure.Wash these Pelmennica very hot water can not be, because they can be deformed.

very popular in recent years, household Pelmennica made of durable plastic.Often it comes with handy small spoon, thanks to which each mold gets the same amount of meat.These Pelmennica convenient, practical, have a low cost.From metal devices is better to choose the ones that are made of stainless steel because aluminum may react with the food that is dangerous to health.The most convenient Pelmennica have strong legs.