What if the sore abdomen during pregnancy

Many women wonder - what if sore abdomen during pregnancy?To answer this question it is necessary to consider all related symptoms and identify signs of pain.

Generally, every woman in the "interesting" position ever tortured and even abdominal pain, they may be throughout the pregnancy, and may occur only occasionally.In some cases, cause for concern there is little, but most of the others - is thoughtful.So, if a sore abdomen during pregnancy, you should tell your doctor who will be able to identify the causes of these sensations.

There are two variants of pain - obstetrical when suffering directly related to the fruit, with an ectopic pregnancy, or premature detachment of the placenta;and midwifery, the pain associated with the gastrointestinal tract, with a strained abdominal muscles or sprain that support the uterus.But we'll talk about what to do if a sore abdomen during pregnancy.There are several diagnoses that feeling:

- an ectopic pregnancy, where the fetus develops not in the egg, and

beyond, for example, in the fallopian tube.This disease may reveal a specialist test results and ultrasound.If a pregnant woman felt the dizziness, weakness, bleeding, abdominal pain and fainting, she should quickly see a specialist.Ectopic pregnancy can be dangerous for her;

- risk of miscarriage (abortion).Usually there nagging pains in the sacrum, the appearance of constant urination and mucous secretions.When such symptoms a woman should go to the hospital, where she will be assigned all the necessary procedures;

- if sore abdomen during pregnancy, it may be premature to talk about placental abruption - a partial or complete.In the first case, a woman may notice the voltage of the uterus, slack abdominal pain and minor bleeding.In this situation, do not panic, but if a pregnant woman was a complete detachment of the placenta, then you need to see a doctor soon.The symptoms can be - severe abdominal pain and profuse bleeding.In this case, it may be affected not only the mother but also the future child;

- abdominal pain in pregnant women can talk about violation of the digestive system, which manifests itself as a result of malnutrition, increased acidity, exacerbation of chronic diseases and infections.In this case, the expectant mother is necessary to change the situation, more walking and stick to a rational and healthy eating;

- sprains and muscle where the uterus is adapted to the fetus, thereby causing abdominal pain in pregnant women.But, thanks to the hormone relaxin, there is softening of the ligaments.This suggests that the body is prepared for the growth of the baby, and then leave.In this case, the woman should take more rest and relaxation, and warm baths, in any case not to be nervous and hysterical.

If sore abdomen during pregnancy, besides, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, constantly enhanced or preserved symptoms, you should immediately go to the hospital.Also, do not put off a visit to the doctor if discomfort exacerbated when driving.Thus, if the pain in the abdomen of a pregnant, she should not think for yourself, and go for advice.Perhaps her feelings there is nothing wrong, but in most cases it will be necessary to go to the hospital to protect yourself and to protect your baby from trouble.

Abdominal pain can characterize different diseases, only examination and timely delivery of necessary analyzes can give an accurate diagnosis.In some cases, these feelings may arise when appendicitis, cystitis, pancreatitis, intestinal obstruction and other possible diseases.