Uterine fibroids and pregnancy

uterine fibroids and pregnancy is often detected at the same time, because the disease can exist, absolutely not showing.After conception, a woman's life begins a new period - a special time during which she drew his attention only on their own health and development of the baby.

This disease is a build-up of muscle tissue in the wall of the uterus.If you were diagnosed with uterine fibroids and pregnancy, do not panic and get upset ahead of time, because it is directly on the fetus is not affected and the huge risk to the child is not.There are certain groups of women, who are more prone to this problem.

Firstly, with age the risk of this type of tumor is significantly higher.If the age group up to 30 years found only 20% of the time after 40, this figure reaches 40%.Secondly, the determining factor is genetic predisposition.Thus, women in the family that detect uterine fibroids and pregnancy, the possibility of repetition in the next generation increased by several times.As strange as it sounds,

but the race affects the appearance of the tumor.Studies have shown that African women have fibroids occur much more often than representatives of other races.

Knowingly defined standards of normal body weight in proportion to height and age, because the presence of excess weight causes symptoms of many diseases, such as fibroids.Moreover, a significant increase in body weight fledgling organism, that is, after 20 years, is much more dangerous than in the period of puberty.Typically, this diagnosis can be carried out birth naturally.Sometimes such situations arise when a generic process is delayed too, but it's not terrible.Thanks to modern medicine specialist can help the body by stimulating the activity of the uterus.In rare cases, the tumor is located in the immediate vicinity of the cervix, which creates an obstacle to the passage of the fetus in the birth canal, the doctor then takes the decision to conduct caesarean sections.

In most cases, uterine fibroids and pregnancy are detected simultaneously.This is due to the fact that symptomatic tumor manifests itself very rarely.The most common symptom is considered to be the duration of the month.Accurately diagnose the presence of fibroids is possible only with the help of ultrasound, in which is determined by its location and size.If the tumor affects the placenta, the pregnancy it can affect fetal development.After all, it is necessary for normal development to get full of oxygen and nutrients.In this case, it does not and can occur miscarriage or fetal death.

When planning conception tumor can be found in advance.After detecting the size of the tumor is investigated and the determination made by any medical treatment, either by surgical intervention.Pregnancy after removal of fibroids is quite possible, however, you must wait up to six months.In fact, after the operation at the place of the scars remain, which require time to be delayed.After any intervention of female bodies should give some rest to recover.

formation may occur not only within the uterus, but also at its outer walls.This form of the disease is asymptomatic and diagnosed by chance during the next inspection.Subserous uterine fibroids and pregnancy - a concept almost non, that is, to influence the development of the fetus tumor can not but create a certain discomfort sensations capable.For example, if the formation of a significant size, it can exert pressure on the internal organs, leading to disruption of their work.