A set of "Midori": reviews potrebitelnits

highlight of Japanese cuisine are considered rolls and sushi.Sushi - it's incredibly tasty exotic and delicious rice dishes and seafood.It's like everyone who has ever tried it.A variety of combinations of flavors makes it extraordinary.The ingredients can be used as various products.Each time the taste will impress gourmets.

noteworthy that this dish appeared a set of "Midori".Reviews potrebitelnits very interesting.Many of them adhere to the customary use, and many are trying to experiment.

Kit "MidoriĀ»

Who housewives do not worry, when carefully prepared exotic dish was falling apart before our eyes.Despair and resentment overwhelm novice Sushi master.The reason of all is the lack of skill twisting rolls using the conventional mats (bamboo mat), which masterfully own master.

With the advent of various devices for a smooth twisting ingredients in perfect shape roll these troubles are left behind.Many loved the set of "Midori".Reviews online magazine speak for themselves.Standard features inc


  • large and small square shapes;
  • large cap semi-circular shape;
  • great form a semicircle;
  • great form of a triangle;
  • double semicircular lid;
  • small square cover;
  • blade;
  • press;
  • knife.

All tools are made of high quality food grade plastic.Combining a variety of molds and lids can be made of land of different shapes, from traditional round and square rolls until the semi-circular in form of a heart.Plenty of room for the manifestation of fantasy gives a set of "Midori".Price miraculous set of not more than 1.5 thousand.Agree, it is possible to part with such a sum in order to indulge in a variety of home favorite Japanese dish.

Beautiful and flat land not so difficult to do, using a set of "Midori".Reviews housewives, who used it say about the ease of the process.The set includes a clear instruction that facilitates the preparation of rolls using molds.It should give you a couple of examples of how to use a set of Midori.

Preparation of rolls in the form of heart

  1. In a large set square triangle.
  2. put into the design sheet "Nori".
  3. then put a layer of rice.
  4. With the press must be carefully compacted.
  5. next layer is laid filling.
  6. again a layer of rice.
  7. All compacted.
  8. Sheets "Nori" need to carefully wrap each other.For better adhesion, lightly moisten them.
  9. Ready roll cover closed.Then strongly pressed.
  10. Cut the sushi into pieces and remove from the mold.

second use

To prepare the rolls with rice can also be used inside a set of "Midori".Reviews of some housewives contain advice for such cases.To prepare the rolls with sesame seeds, it is necessary to slightly change the technology.

  1. Select the desired shape.
  2. put it in plastic wrap.
  3. on it laid a layer of rice that is carefully compacted.
  4. After it is laid a sheet of "Nori".We must put his rough side to rice.
  5. on the shiny side of the filling is laid out.Sheets "Nori" fold.
  6. then again a layer of rice.It is important to cover the roll on all sides.
  7. All of this is covered with cling film, and can be sealed.
  8. roll must be removed from the mold, gently roll in sesame or harvesting eggs.
  9. Ready roll is cut into pieces.

Demonstrating a little imagination, you can come up with not only a variety of flavor combinations, but also the technology of sushi.