What is provided in the cutting longitudinal edge - the edge of the fabric?

not knitted fabric All fabric materials have a standard structure of weaving - warp and weft.What does this mean?Imagine a long track material in a roll.Those threads which are laid on its length called warp.And those who come across - it weft (accent on the A).Depending on the direction of yarn construction cut parts for sewing garments, tailored to the particular landing and connections.These are the basic fundamental points, without which sew a quality product is simply impossible.

What does the longitudinal edge - the edge of the fabric?

In fact, the purpose of the border is of interest for novice seamstresses.Thus, longitudinal edge (edge) tissue shows us the direction of equity thread.The edge is not spreading, it secured a special textile process and prevents the disintegration of the yarns and fibers along a roll.If in front of you is a segment of tissue, and you do not know how to define it severally thread - just lay out patterns along the edges, exactly parallel to it!

Another more professional method of determining the share yarn - an attempt to stretch the fabric.All not knitted cloth lightly stretch themselves against equity and absolutely inelastic on it.That is, if before you cut material from the remote edge, then you need to try to stretch it.That is where it stretches to weft, and where it is static - lobar thread.Note that stretches the fabric on the bias more than anything, but then there will be some noticeable distortion.


What is the longitudinal edge (edge) of fabric?Perhaps few readers ever wondered what purpose on the monotonous woven fabric is characterized by a special kind of edge weave and clearly differs from the basic texture.As already mentioned, the edge of the fabric to prevent the roll from fraying at the edges.This is the first and the leading edge of the feature.

second, no less important point - the definition of equity.Here is an example of imbalance share cut.

An aspiring seamstress cut sleeve against the common thread.Everything went according to plan, the pattern has been built up, the connection is made without, trying very hard.But fitting hand was close.It was impossible to raise a hand, pulled in the forearm and squeezed, and in the armpit all gathered in the wrinkles.The young mistress was in despair, and she was right - save the arm was no longer possible.All because of the fact that the share of the cloth does not stretches, and a student of the width of a sleeve made of an equity and thereby pulled forearm client.

importance when cutting

course, longitudinal side-edges of the fabric determines the layout patterns and the flow of tissue.Sometimes it seems that the material would have taken much less expand it in the chaotic direction or across the edge.But, as we mentioned above, such a discharge from the rules are doomed to failure.

one begins with the first lessons seamstress knows that the longitudinal edge (the edge of the fabric - the name of the terminology sewing disciplines) is a clear and categorical guide direction of cutting and characteristic on which the calculation of the amount of material is carried out on the product.