My children.

problem of fathers and children disturbs the soul of every loving family.Parents are given a dumb question, "Children, how to raise you properly?".Everyone wants to be the first-born has become the benchmark, not only beauty, but also the mind.Previously, it was wise to follow the advice obschepopulyarno grandmother, but the world does not stand still, and many young mothers today are looking for answers to this eternal question.The abundance of resources for proper upbringing of the child overwhelmed all the shelves of bookstores, but still remains an open question, "How do need to educate their children and what they should be taught from childhood?".On this issue today and we will be working.

child lives imitation, and first of all we must start with ourselves.Take a look at ourselves honestly and answer the following questions: "And what I myself am an example for your child? What does it well I can teach by example?".It will clarify the situation and you will understand, on what else should work.

Think over what you want to see your kids how to raise them only good character traits.Be for them a good example for others to follow!The results were not long in coming.

main point of the effective education of the child is to have a close-knit, happy and fulfilling family.All you have to do - is to save not only your union with her husband, but also constantly feed your marriage with love, understanding, trust and, of course, respect for each other.Together, you will create baby warm atmosphere of his home, the perfect family, mutual support, will fill the house an aura of love and peace of mind.Proper education of children - the key to the successful future of your baby.Every child wants to see their parents happy and loving.In this house I want to return again and again.Effect of unity will help your child of his to build an ideal family, because it will become an example for it is you, the parents.

Never exert pressure on the child and not go too far.It is important that he felt his own importance and realizovanna.It is necessary to respect the views of the child, even if he has six or "he did not yet know about life."You - his chief counselor, you - its support of you - his most dear and loving person.And that he was waiting for you to praise.Give him the opportunity to feel like an adult, and you never have any problems with the transition age of the child.All they want - is to establish itself and to do all grown-up.Raising a son - a difficult task.But when you recognize him as an adult, he simply will not need to go to you in spite of proving their right to live an adult life.

Children, children.How to bring you?Another tip - and once again praise praise.Just do not go too far, because the praise should be deserved and fair.We must do so that the man wanted to be happy to do something else at the subconscious level.This will require the power of a kind word.If you praise her baby, then we did another a little more fun, more joyful, more kind and thankful.For the sake of praise everyone is ready to do good deeds.Agree, if your work is praised, you grow wings and want to have the next time to do something several times better and better.This is due to the fact that you have noticed your work evaluated properly.Accordingly, you are recognized.

Remember that your treasure - these are your children.How to raise them - no problem.The main thing - follow her maternal instincts, and they prompt correct decisions.Good luck to you, dear mother!