Social education

Social education of the child was and is the most acute problem, the relevance of which is growing every year.Currently, besides the usual public institutions as schools, kindergartens, providing direct assistance in resolving this issue, there were private, who take a fee for their services.But in reality - it's the same music schools, dance studios, various circles.But for some reason, many believe that for an extra fee the result will be much better.

First of all, social education involves the intellectual development of the child.The leading role in this issue, of course, plays the school, which, in addition to the accumulated knowledge lays the foundations for the development of erudition, aesthetics, instilling the love for everything beautiful, for example, painting, theater, music.Gradually getting to know it, the child himself is committed to improvisation, to create something new.In parallel with the intellectual development should be even and physical, that is involved in sports clubs, to

urism, because life situations are very different, and we must be ready for anything.

Social education should be continuous, even during the school holidays.The ability to spend their leisure time, organize parties, to engage in any creative process - all these components and the form of the future member of society.

There is much debate about how to raise a child.In this respect there is no single answer, because every kid - this is the person to which the individual approach is needed, so there is no any general recommendations.Social education is yet to come, but one can say with certainty that the first days of a baby into the world laid the foundation for its future development.

From each family member depends on the formation of a harmoniously developed personality.And just can not teach kindness, honesty, diligence, responsiveness, integrity.All this was preceded by a long bumpy ride.

There are a number of techniques proper upbringing of children.But the main role belongs to the parents, all around are only a supplement in this educational process.After all, only the closest people know your child's abilities, his hobbies, individual characteristics.And do not try to forcibly change something in the nature or behavior of children.You just need to skillfully and promptly send the best that is in them, in the right direction, and always remember that it is the parents, first of all, is an example for the children.

At preschool age, many are trying to educate the child in advance to a foreign language, music, define it in the sports section.All these disciplines and develops a sense of responsibility.But it is important not to overdo it.Loads should be manageable kid.In no case should not blame him for the failure or compare with the more successful the child.We need to try to support him and be sure to praise at least for small achievement.

Education of school age children is much easier and painless with the children attend preschool than with the "home".Immediately affects the ability to be in the team and communicate with others.The child begins a new life, and at this point it is particularly in need of support from parents.

Do not shift to the school education of the child.Moms and dads should always be aware of his school life and to solve any problem issues.After all, the team is inevitable conflicts with classmates and even teachers.Therefore, we must remain calm and understand what is true whatever the situation.

child should always feel support and protection in the face of the parents and know that they'll never leave him alone with a school problem.All these nuances are the essence of proper parenting.