What to do if the child does not listen to you?

What to do if the child does not listen?

Any parent at least once in his life faced with the disobedience of his favorite child.However, not everyone knows how to properly and without prejudice to the psyche of both sides to survive this period.

Usually, kids want their disobedience to protest or show that they are adults and are able to decide for themselves what to do.And it is not necessary at this time to threaten or punish them as a method of education may lead to unpleasant consequences in the future.

In order to understand the question: "What to do if the child does not listen?"- You need to understand the reasons for initially disobedience children and find out how to deal with them.

most common reasons children of disobedience

What to do if the child does not listen?The first reason - age crisis.It manifested in the child's transition from one stage of development to another.At the same time it acquires new skills, knowledge, skills and abilities.At such moments of crisis the chi

ld sometimes does not know what he wants, or knows, but for some reason parents are against it.All of this causes him annoyance, disobedience, protest and wild discontent towards themselves and towards others.

such difficult situations you have to overcome the side-by-side with their child.Do not leave him alone with the problems, because he can not cope with them alone.

What to do if the child does not listen?The second reason - the prohibitions and requirements

huge number of sometimes conflicting demands.Such an approach to the education of children is wrong, because the child may be additional fears, despair and stress.As a rule, this leads to lies and reticence on the part of the child.This cause is provoked by parents.The child - a personality, the opinions and desires to be reckoned with.There is no need of it to do what you want to see.Prohibitions imposing their views and thoughts will only lead to the fact that sooner or later the child will want to run away from you.Thus, you can inflict damage not only a moral, but also push to commit wrong deeds.It will do what you used to be banned, and it will be absolutely unimportant, why you did it.If you yourself are not able to deal with this problem, promptly contact a specialist.They will give valuable tips on raising your child, and you will be able to correct previous errors.

Why a child does not listen?Reason Three - unexpected manifestation of austerity

If a child does not listen to my mother, it means that you have not previously taken seriously the issue of children of disobedience and gave him a free hand.Agree, for them will be a sudden strange manifestation of aggression and rigor in relation to their antics.Now Do not expect obedience and good behavior.Many parents admit unforgivable mistakes that can cause disruption of mental health of the child.In no case do not yell at him, do not hurt or threaten.After all, it is you blame for the situation, but he is not.This is brought to you that the child has ceased to recognize your authority.

What to do if the child does not listen?

a great variety of reasons.But the conclusion is always the same: you have to learn how to behave with the child and understand him.Only after that your family will begin to live in harmony and without conflict.