Famous Russian Spaniel: Breed

If you go to the Russian hunters with a request to name the five most popular dogs, then certainly on the list will take place leading Russian Spaniel.This is still a very young breed was developed in the Soviet Union.The international community of dog handlers (FCI) has not yet been recognized.

At the end of the nineteenth century in Russia began to import various types of spaniels.Most of them were Cockers.They were trying to hunt, but the stocky dogs were not very useful for the Russian regions.In the early twentieth century, breeders began to select a high on and temperamental dogs from abroad began to write Springer for a new breed.

first Russian spaniel breed standard was introduced in 1951, and a slightly modified standard was adopted in nineteen sixty-six year.Russian Spaniel breed used for hunting in the field, the swamp, steppe and waterfowl in Russia.To find the bird, and pick it up after the shot of the hunter on his orders to bring a wounded prey - a task to be performed by Russian Spa

niel.Description of the breed, which can be found in all the canine references proves that the dog copes with the "official" duties.

Russian Spaniel has a quiet and balanced character.This active, friendly, playful and very affectionate animal.Infinitely loved their masters, the whole family in which they live.It is devoid of aggression, are good pets, living in the house.

dog of small stature, with a long, soft and slightly wavy hair.On her head she was short and straight - this Russian spaniel.Description of the breed, which can be found in the canine and veterinary reference books, notes the strong and muscular physique.Height - 40 cm in males and 38 cm in females.

are three types of color: monochrome, tri-color, two-color.The tail is thick at the base, docked to half its original length.

Also use in hunting, a great pet.For children, the best and most hilarious four-legged friend - Russian Spaniel.Breed, published in the standard, confirms the friendliness and happy disposition of this dog.That is why you must be ready for a little pranks of your pet.It may break the paper or pull domestic sneaker.

Proper nutrition - it is what is needed for dogs Russian spaniel.Breed predisposition warns of this animal to overeating and weight gain.

Spaniel gets along fine in a city apartment, but in this case the need for long walks in the fresh air, exercise.

And while this is certainly a hunting dog, the owner of any such animal will tell you that the best pet - Russian Spaniel.Puppies photos that you see in this article, will not leave indifferent neither adults nor children.

Spaniel - the good, the beautiful and very faithful animal, which would be the best friend for all the members of your family.