Extremely charming and balanced cat Scottish breed

representatives of the Scottish rock hit all fans of felines for their beauty, grace and calm, balanced temper.It is believed that this breed was bred in Scotland, where the 60-ies of the last century on the light first appeared white kitten with folded ears, like a bear.It was he who later became the ancestor of all Scottish.In 1978, a Scottish breed was presented at the international exhibition, where she received an official status.And 50 years later, she won a special love all the breeders.

Cats Scottish breed: Stright and folds

There are two types Scottish - Stright (individuals with erect ears) and folds with a unique audience's ears, making them particularly attractive.Both types of animals needed for breeding, since the laws of crossbreeding to produce a healthy litter one parent must be a lop-eared, and the other - always pryamouhie.Violation of this rule shall result in the appearance of offspring with serious violations of the musculoskeletal system and other harmful mutations.Breed cat

s Scottish pryamouhie used to be just a tool, essential for breeding lop-eared animals, but now has gained a worldwide reputation and won the love of many breeders.Who they are developed and breed standards, and cat-Stright successfully participate in various exhibitions, attracting the attention of visitors with its nobility and beauty.

Scottish cat: a description of the breed

understand that before you a true "Scot", can be characterized by the following features.As a rule, considered representative of the breed with sturdy and reaches an adult of medium size.Cats are usually much smaller than males, which can reach a weight of 6 kg and more.The body of the animal powerful, short, squat, rounded.Legs not long, sturdy, with graceful legs.Tail of medium length, pointed at the tip.Wool folds and short straights, is very soft and silky to the touch, thick and well-fitting.Scottish Color can be different: striped (brindle, brindle, marble - very different tabby patterns), multi-color (tortie, harlequin, van) and monophonic (black, white, chocolate, cream, blue).Ears folds well placed and tightly pressed to the head: the upper part covers the ear opening, giving the appearance of an animal a special charming look.Scottish breed cats are wide apart, large, round eyes, their color should ideally match the coat color.Sometimes come across animals with colored eyes, most often a symptom occurs in animals white color.Even a bright, eccentric appearance Scots - not the most important.These beautiful animals are distinguished by good manners and kind, calm character.

Cats Scottish breed: the nature and behavior

believed that representatives of these rocks are endowed with sufficiently high intelligence, so easy to train and adapt quickly to new unfamiliar environment.These animals are not only easy to become accustomed to the tray, but a scratching post, so will not bring much trouble to their owners.Scottish possess a calm, balanced temperament, they are unobtrusive and intelligent.Their strong mentality allows you to buy and bring them up in families with small children - they will always be able to make friends and find a common language with any household.

bad and they get along with other animals, including dogs.Representatives of this breed are distinguished by the fact that a completely non-aggressive and vengeful, they would not behave inappropriately in retaliation.Scottish breed cats are affectionate and sociable, like "company", but at the same time quietly tolerate enforced solitude, until the owners at work.If the cat mistreated or hurt, it usually retires, but almost never bite or scratch.As you can see, the Scots are very calm, peaceful and accommodating, one might even say loved-up.Pay due attention to them, and in response to weasel pet will please their owners purring.