How chinchilla lives in the wild and at home?

If you're wondering how many years live chinchilla, then this article will help you find the answer.We will talk about what the life expectancy of these animals and what conditions must be created to home they lived as long as possible.

About chinchillas

these animals from rodents are different from their counterparts of soft, delicate, and at the same time, dense fur, which people use to sew coats.Few people know that the chinchilla can be an excellent pet, pleasant to the touch and adorable.But more about that later.Another distinguishing characteristic of the animal is the duration of his life.None of the rodent will not live as many lives chinchilla.Of course, at this rate, the duration of existence, influenced by many factors.

How many lives chinchilla?

in the wild fur animal can live a long life, if you do not become infected with parasites or would not be caught.The average life span in the wild chinchillas can reach 20 years.At home, this figure is somewhat lower.This is not surprisi

ng since rodent dependent on the host to which it belongs.Improper care, nutrition, and poor conditions can significantly reduce the life expectancy of the chinchilla.How chinchilla lives in the home?For information regarding this indicator are different.Maximum age of the rodent may be 15-18 years old, and it's a given that the chinchilla will be provided with the most comfortable conditions for life.But the little animals live on average 8-10 years.Is it possible to influence these figures?Yes.Below we give you some tips to help you buy a furry animal friend for many years.

Tips content chinchilla

  1. Purchase chinchilla breeders in nurseries.They produce the maximum care, and you are given guarantees that the little animal health, while at the market, you risk nothing to spend money and buy a sore incorrectly grown animal.
  2. Remember that matter where you bought the chinchilla: in the nursery or in the market, but it plays an important role and the owner, who should properly contain little animals, providing it with everything you need.
  3. In the room where you plan to keep a chinchilla, the temperature should be 18-20 degrees.The mark above 25 degrees is critical to the life of a rodent.
  4. Chinchilla - a nocturnal, accustomed day lead a passive life.Any loud noises can harm rodents and in rare cases, turn to him fatal.
  5. chinchilla cage do not place in a draft or near the battery.Overheating and overcooling are equally harmful for the little animals.At the same time provide fresh air.
  6. sure to get in a pet shop special sand for swimming.He needs some chinchilla.
  7. cleaning in the cell need to make at least once a week.
  8. Since initially chinchillas live in nature, they are used to sharpen teeth through a variety of branches.At home, this need still remains, so buy your pets teeth grind branches and salt wheels.
  9. in animal cells should always be clean and fresh water.

So now you know how many lives chinchilla.We hope you enjoy this little beast, and you learn how to handle it.