When the kittens open eyes, and how to properly care for them?

Perhaps cats are now the most popular pets.This is understandable - they are more self-sufficient than dogs require less attention and care for them as simple as possible.And what else is needed for the person conducting the whole day at work?But for all their unpretentiousness still know the basics of the physiology of the cat and kitten subtleties of growth should be every owner's responsibility.What can we say about the features of the care of your pet - this knowledge is a must.And then sometimes novice breeders baffled even such an elementary question: "When will the eyes of the kittens?"

Like many other mammals, felines born with tightly closed lids.At first young are blind and are oriented exclusively on maternal purring vibration, heat emanating from her mother, and her scent.Gradually the kids gain strength, growing up, on the 5th day of life they offer auditory canal, and the next step is, in fact, opening the eyes kittens.

turns out, not all breeds this process occurs in one and the same

time.It is usually assumed that the days when the kittens open eyes - from the 7th to the 12th of birth.But, according to the breeders, it also depends on the duration of the mother's pregnancy, and from that to which the breed is the offspring.Typically, the duration of the litter bearing the representatives Félis silvéstris cátus - namely so they styled in biology - is 55 to 70 days.Moreover, if the cat gave birth after the 68th day, when the kittens eyes will be opened, whichever is earlier than if births fell to 55-67 th days.

Another feature of this phenomenon is related to the genetic characteristics of different breeds.So, for example, the short-haired animal eyes are opened earlier than the holders of a long fluffy coat.Separately, it is worth noting that the "bald" breeds such as the Sphynx and individuals with very short hair (Cornish Rex, Devon Rex), are even more speed development.Wait until the kittens open eyes, in their case, will have only 3-5 days.

But the happy day arrived, and the litter opened eyelids.This process does not occur immediately.It may take a few days - from the appearance of the first slits to fully open both eyes.Usually the first time, the color of all without exception - light blue, and look quite meaningless.This, in general, is typical of many newborn mammals.How to care for a kitten in the eyes of such a tender age?The first step is to ensure it stays in a dark place.Bright light is harmful to the kittens, only to open his eyes.If you forever baby to the 14th day of life is not fully opened, they should be carefully handle swab dipped in weak tea leaves or infusion of chamomile.If this does not work, it is necessary to seek help from the vet.The rest of the special care of the eyes is not required, except for species whose tear ducts are located close to the nose (the Persians, exotic shorthair cats, British and Scottish).For them, you should immediately buy special lotions for the care of eyes, which tend to leak.