Breeds of dogs: husky - hunters and guards

Today we'll look at a very cute dog breeds.Spitz - a beautiful, small-sized dogs that have thick straight hair a different color.Due to this they are perfectly chic coats tolerate low temperatures in Siberia.Can sleep in the snow and freeze myself paws.Perfect when using slides.

Breed dogs: husky - the best hunters

mainly amateur breeders takes them for hunting.They are well take the trail of a bear, fur-bearing animals, ducks.Swim well.Having found a prey, they are barking report it to the hunter.Has excellent vision and flair.
Laiki eat the same amount of food as other breeds of dogs.But living in such harsh conditions, they retain their fatness and muscle.In their place the other dogs would have long become a "skeleton".

Dog Breed Siberian Husky

Laek used as sled dogs.They thrive in a team, which is headed by the largest and most powerful leader.All Husky in harness and understand and support each other.They have a high endurance and quickly restore power after a long run.They have also

been successful in the hunt.Siberian huskies are divided into two types: East Siberian and West Siberian Husky.The East prevails in Siberia, in the east of the Yenisei.It combines the qualities of a hunter of large and small prey, and sled dogs.Also from the usual breed huskies, it is distinguished by its size.

Breeds: Laika.East Siberian views

East Siberian huskies are larger, they have long legs, powerful skull, ears, - upright, tail - hook.Color - from pure white to red.Wool tough with soft fluff.Dogs of this type of huskies - a very good-natured in character creation.It is easy to give in training.They have to deal with a lot and walk.

Breeds: Laika.West Siberian views

West Siberian huskies are more suited for hunting big game.Most often they are specially trained to hunt for a certain type.A large dog, good at heart.Bred breed on the western Urals.From the previous breed huskies distinguished not so massive body.Wool is also tough.

Husky breed dog Laika

Husky or Siberian Husky - a very friendly dog ​​breed, adapted to life in the countryside.Her affectionate nature.This is a fairly large animals with powerful muscles.Wool average, close-it is fitting to the body, thick.Color varied - from pure white to black, with drawings on the back and the dog's head.The Huskies are only for driving in harness.They are highly resistant to long trips, and develop greater speed, even on loose snow.They are able to slow down the metabolism of the organism.It appears therefore their endurance in harsh environments.For hunting they do not work because they love themselves eat game.Husky can easily live alone in the woods like wolves.Almost can not bark all the emotions expressed howling.This breed of dog is familiar to many of the animated film "Balto" based on real events.Husky saved the city Nome, Alaska diphtheria, found and brought a cargo with the necessary medicines.Main savior even immortalized in history, putting him a bronze monument.