When the kittens open their eyes?

Many new pet owners are beginning to wonder about when the kittens open their eyes, once faced with my first litter.As puppies, small feline tribe usually born totally blind.In the process of growth in the first two weeks, they actively develop and acquire many skills, which were denied at birth.

For example, the most developed sense of the newborn kitten - the sense of smell.They are the mother and the power supply exclusively by smell.But hearing them for the first time, there is no - at birth ears are closed by small crests of the skin that disappear around the ninth day of their lives.After that, the kids are already starting to hear, and guided by the purring cat as a signal that all is well.But, when the kittens open their eyes, it can be different - from two days to two weeks, depending on the breed and pregnancy.So, usually purebred animals from this period is 7-10 days, but the cat breed Sphynx often ahead of other members of the species in this matter.Often their kittens are born with their

eyes open, while for others it breeds - a sign of pathology.It is believed that the birth at 55-68 days gestation babies open their eyes later than their counterparts born after the 68th day, there are full-term.

Eye color in young cats revealed only at the fifth or sixth week of life.

When newborn kittens open their eyes, they all have a dull blue color.This is not an indication that in the future, animals will be blue-eyed - such a feature can be traced in almost all mammals after birth.
At first, the kids can not maintain the heat as well as adults.Typically, this takes care of my mother, warming them with his body, but in her absence is required to provide their own kittens comfortable temperature using heating pads.Normal body temperature is also the animals at this age - 39 degrees.

The best food for the newborn kittens - mother's milk.Together with them, they are immune to many diseases.Also, it provides just the right weight gain kids as they grow.On average, at birth the kitten weighs 80-100 grams.The normal increase in the breast milk of about 10-15 grams per day.But to finish feeding them yogurt and other dairy products is not worth it - better to wait until the kittens open their eyes before starting transfer to adult food.

first teeth in young cats appear on the 4 th week, up to this point the animals can perceive only liquid foods like milk.It should be remembered that at the birth of digestion and excretory system they practically do not work - to stimulate urination and defecation in children, a cat licks his stomach after each feeding.And only when the kittens open their eyes, they will be able to cope with these processes on their own.If the cat is not there, after feeding newborn kitten should conduct a soft, damp warm cloth on his stomach in a clockwise direction, to run the intestine.

Knowing all these subtleties care of the kittens, even the most inexperienced breeder can grow strong and healthy offspring that soon will delight him with her antics and individual characteristics.