Toilet for cats indoors.

Before you step over the threshold of your home a miniature tiger, you need to prepare all the personal hygiene items for the future of your family member.These include not only the couches and the bowls, and the tray.Toilet for cats indoors - that what we tell you today, it is for you to know about its merits.

crossed the threshold of a pet store, you are likely to be shocked choice.For people not so much thought out, but for a variety of cats is simply amazing.Serves as the easiest for 50 rubles, and not at all - in ten thousand rubles.Is it worth paying that kind of money, you decide.

simple open-tray is inexpensive, but require frequent cleaning.Few people agree to it, but that does not mean that the toilet for cats indoors is much better.The decision should be solely up to you: if you have decided that savings is more important, and clean up after the favorite of several times a day under your power, please.Moreover, it is an open cat irreplaceable closets for little kittens that are still mos

t afraid of.By the way, there are half-closed, do not allow the filler to get enough sleep during the process of rapid instillation.

Now consider an indoor toilet for cats, which is a small house, like a plastic carrier, only the door does not lock and opens in both directions.There are not only varied in shape (straight, triangular), and functionality.A novelty on the market can be considered an automatic toilet for cats indoors, which is capable of self-cleaning on demand or as needed (depending on model).Special engine sifts filler skomkovavshiesya collects waste in the plastic bag in the store.Clean the drive must be at least content, but try not to exceed the recommended amount.Clean the filler is easily poured from above.

The only negative, which has an indoor toilet for cats (customer reviews talking about it), is the price, which starts at $ 200.Slightly cheaper are similar mechanical instances in which there is purification by pressing a lever.

most simple toilets of this model are commonplace tray with a lid, which is able to keep the odors with built-in carbon filter.Purification tray is exclusively your own, and can be performed every three or four days (per one cat).There are variations of different shapes, colors and sizes.For example, the corner closed toilet for cats is beautifully situated in the corner and will take up little space.By the way, do not dismiss such factors as the size and if it is assumed that the cat will grow large, then the pot is better to look spacious.

only drawback of all of these models can be considered only when the height of a side entrance.It is big enough.Adult cats easily cope with it, but the little kitten - no.Therefore, for the first time there is a reason to use the most simple and ordinary lotochek small size, and only then go to the multi-function, easy-to-use instances.