Door for cats - a necessary and useful accessory

Each vladepets domestic cat should first think about the following: comfortable if she moved around the room, whether it is free to enter the room where there is no prohibition of access, and in the case of living in a private home - Do purring opportunity to gooutside.In other words, can the cat exit if the door is locked.If not, there is an excellent solution - to buy such a beautiful accessory as a door for cats.They are easy to cut into the door or mounted on the wall.With such a device, you can not worry - now your favorite freely walk around the room and go out.

The most common tray to put the needs of the cat in the toilet, which is very often closed the door so the cat to the toilet is simply irreplaceable.

Living in a private home, the animals spend most of their time on the street, and the owners do not always have the opportunity or the time to let and release them.

The apartment balcony door open for the purpose of animal walk in the fresh air, causes drafts.Therefore, surely the door fo

r cats - the best option for solving the problem.In addition, it can always be close, if you believe it necessary.

How to install the finished accessory

After purchasing the finished design to install it yourself or you can invite a wizard.Door for cats is installed in all doors: plastic, metal, wood, glass.

very design of small size and has a square or rectangular shape.Fastened around the perimeter of the sealed border, which promotes noiseless opening and closing the door.For convenience, it is on a special indicator on which owners can determine the presence in the house of the animal.There is a lock that closes if you do not want to let your pet on the street, for example, when it's rainy weather.Door for cats installs easily - just drilled in the door window of the desired size at the muzzle of your pet.

do yourself

can, of course, solve the problem by another method is to install door for cats with their own hands.You just have to drill a hole and cover it with a suitable material, such as linoleum.Of course, it would be easy, but unsightly, besides there is a chance to spoil a good door.

If you do decide to do it yourself, you must do the following:

  • carefully remove the interior doors;
  • make the necessary measurements and drank cat hole height growth;
  • the perimeter of insert pieces of wood and plastic corners;
  • to the door pivots to attach to it to swing up and down;
  • to put in place the door, the door is ready for a cat.

How to teach your cat to use the door

Not all cats are starting to go right through the hole in the door.Some people need to learn, but do it carefully so as not to frighten the animal.You can try to push the rope through the door and dragged her to the cat followed behind her.The flap should be slightly ajar and in any case not lifted up.So I recommend to those who taught the animal to go through a similar door.

A word of advice: in order not to risk his door, try the breadboard version.Cut a hole in the cardboard box, it will be a door for cats.Practise your pet (or pets if there are several) in a game setting.If your animal test was successful, proceed to safely mount the desired accessory.