Burberry «The Beat» - young and bold flavor

Burberry fashion house based in the UK back in 1856.Despite its centuries-long successful work in the fashion industry, the work began with the kingdom of flavors in its walls recently.The first collection of perfume was released only in the beginning of the new millennium.Burberry has been a lightning invasion and successful.Hundreds of thousands of hearts of buyers and shoppers were given persistent, seductive smells, produced under the brand name fashion brand of English.

One of the most successful and memorable flavors - Burberry «The Beat» - was released in 2008.He is still at the height of fashion perfume many countries around the world.The establishment of the toilet water was timed to the 152 anniversary of the founding of the company.

Underlying Burberry «The Beat» - classic British conservatism and fresh breath of modern times.This smell miraculously managed to combine seemingly incongruous things perfectly - simple and complex, outdated and modern.In the bottle Burberry «The Beat» London i

f embodies mid-twentieth century - sustained and at the same time unique, filled with the sound of rhythmic music tunes.

over the composition of this fragrance labored several world famous perfumers.Among them Polzh Oliver, Dominique Ropiyon Beatrice and Pico.This famous teams, of course, hit the nail on the head, creating a devastating aroma of modern times.

At first acquaintance with Burberry «The Beat» you can immediately feel the stirring notes of spices and citrus fruits.This combination is in itself controversial, but this aroma is more than organic.The spice and freshness are the two sides of the same coin.The balance of flavors more than the originals.Mandarin and bergamot, red pepper and cardamom - such a mixture ignites the most passionate feelings.As soon as the cloud dissipated first impressions, you can feel the basic notes of fragrant aroma Burberry.Eau de Toilette combines sweet notes of bells and iris, fresh tea and unusual magic hyacinth.At the end of flower tenderness again changes the orientation.The final chords strict and even a bit harsh.Cedar and musk - classic and durable balance, a very worthy to complete exciting, bold compositions.

Eau de Toilette Burberry «The Beat» - fragrance for the young and daring women.These girls do not usually look back and go through life easy and enjoy it.For them, there is no compromise, they appreciate the freedom and lack of commitment.The face of the brand and new scent has become a famous model Agyness Deyn.It was she, according to the fashion house creative professionals, fully combines all of the kachestva.Pereputat bottle of perfume with something else on the counter cosmetic or perfume stores impossible.Upper packing is made in the traditional palette of world famous British cell, which is famous for fashion house Burberry.Himself bottle resembles an elegant, round flask, lined around the perimeter strip of cotton.

similar version released spirits, by the way, and for men.It is based on the same unique originality based citrus notes, effectively seasoned with hot pepper aroma and cedar.The final chords reminiscent of musk and amber.