Bvlgari "Jasmin Noir" - refined luxury logo

Italian fashion house Bulgari glorified not only stylish clothes, watches and jewelery of high status.Aiming to create a complete image, fashion brand since 1992 began and spirits that emphasize originality and impeccable style of its owner.He is fully possible.Aromas of this brand for a long time already won the hearts of all glamorous fashionistas and fashionistas.But perfume is released in 2008, it has surpassed all expectations.Bvlgari "Jasmin Noir" responses dubbed the most luxurious and unforgettable scent composition.

¬ęBlack Jasmine" - as translated brainchild perfumers Sophia Labbe and Carlos Bineyma.Surely you have never seen such a flower in nature dense shade of the night.But the fantasy becomes a reality in black glass bottle of perfume Bvlgari "Jasmin Noir".Already the bottle, weighty as gold bullion, clearly says, "I keep a luxurious precious elixir."The face of the fragrance was the least luxurious beauty Kate Moss.Association, which produces the smell, often refer to the feeling of pre

cious metal - gold or platinum.Also, the flavor subtly reminiscent of the style of "Flamboyant Gothic" - a date this season.Black abyss of pleasure with flashing bright sparks of light speaks of the eternal struggle and fragile harmony of Yin and Yang.

Spring flower in the composition Bvlgari "Jasmin Noir", of course, dominated but disclosed so extraordinary, so charmingly, it seems mystical.One gets the impression that these buds find their magic only under the cover of a dark night.The aroma of mystery, magic and sensuality comes through from the first notes to the profound echo that is repeated many times in a thin invisible plume.Therefore perfume is preferably applied in the evening, to reinforce the impression of exciting and intoxicating femme fatale.

Absolue sambac (variety of jasmine from Egypt) itself has a lovely scent that seemed carries the fabulous world of bliss and happiness.However, expensive perfume and so excellent, is not limited to a single melody.The perfume Bvlgari "Jasmin Noir" entwined green notes of grass juice, almond, gardenia flowers.Light floral high soprano melody sounds in the background kontrabasnyh vibration wood smell, aromas of licorice and tonka bean.Soft, warm, enveloping smell like patchouli perfume envelops the owner of luxurious sable furs, which shimmer sparks fresh fruits unknown.

For whom suitable perfume Bvlgari "Jasmin Noir"?It's not a cheap flirt or windy hunter men.This queen who knows her worth and absolutely confident in its charms.Luxury, a little outrageous, gothic-decadent, it is simply born to a single movement eyebrows makes the heart knights in awe and tremble.Ladies, regardless of age (and still, it should not be quite so green UNIC!), Wrapped in the scent of "Jasmine Black" will be mysterious, languid and divine.

Five years later, the victorious march of perfume around the world have been released several variations on the classic "Jasmin Noir": Eau de Toilette, limited edition "Elixir" (added zest and spiciness of pink pepper), "Print", the fragrance "Mon Jasmin Noir L Elixir"(citrus and lily of the valley) and others.This latest model is seen a link to another, at least unusual line of the same brand - Bvlgari BLV.Perfume opens like a small chest of drawers with a lot of secret: first cold refreshing bergamot chords, then the deep tones of flax and wisteria, and then the warm melodies of sandalwood and musk, vanilla sweetened.