Show program to celebrate the New Year with the team

New Year holiday is considered to be both public and family.Some people like to celebrate his great work team.This allows employees to take stock of the company for the year.In order for your New Year's show program was interesting and memorable, it is necessary to determine the theme of the script.The following options:

1. New Year's show program of the classic scenario.

As a rule, organized celebration follows: a hall decorated with Christmas symbols, colorful balloons and colorful garlands.Be sure to set tree with shiny and colorful toys.Show program: conducting a holiday in this style is fully consistent with the general idea of ​​it.Everything takes place in a friendly and close team of employees.As a rule, a leading waste-entertainer realizes the script shows.It provides and toasts, tells funny jokes and funny stories, announces exciting concert numbers.Lead (lead) usually dresses in Santa Claus or the Snow Maiden.The show program consists of a number of performances, parody or magicians.Be su

re the prizes are: small souvenirs, firecrackers, confetti sets, toys.

2. Show program "New Year's Concert."

place to celebrate, as a rule, is a respectable club or a fine-dining restaurant, preferably with the scene.The program itself is a gala concert.It all should be in moderation: numbers of original genre, beautiful dances, popular songs, jokes, comedians, and, of course, speaking of the CEO with personal congratulations to the staff.Show program should become a universal entertainment for the whole team.At the celebration should not be spending a lot of competitions and games.

3. Scenario "1001 Nights".

Implies New Year celebrations in the eastern style.The interior is made as follows: transparent draperies, colorful carpets, large pillows, a huge hookah.As for the menu, then it includes traditional and exotic dishes Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and Indian food.The script is usually kept in a completely unusual oriental style.Appointed by the leading chief vizier, he personally manages the holiday completely holds competitions.Often the chief decorate Khalifa, and he is engaged in distribution of gifts from the "treasure."Of course, every guest to deserve the prize, must perform a certain task Khalifa.For example, women can be interesting to organize some workshops, so that they showed his skill in make-up in an oriental style, belly dancing and so on.The prizes should act beautiful souvenirs associated with the East.For example, jewelry, fancy scarves, books with recipes of oriental cuisine, modern drives with Indian songs and movies.Celebrating the New Year in this way - a great idea.Forget this celebration will not be easy.