Fairy bride price in a private house

Preparations for the wedding - it is responsible.Every close relative of the bride and groom there are responsibilities and tasks.Someone - a ballroom order, someone - to purchase products, in general, a great deal of trouble!Witnesses do not stand on the sidelines.As a rule, the organization of the bride price falls on the fragile shoulders of the bridesmaids.

And not to fall face in the dirt, you need to take care of scenarios redemption, and all the necessary attributes for this age-old tradition to prepare.Especially if the bride price in a private home will take place, you need to come up with a lot of competitions in the open air, not only for the bride but for his entourage.

tradition redemption

Though the tradition of bride price and has quite a few centuries, essentially it has not changed.All the same, to get the bride, the groom must not only prepare for bestowing gifts, but be smart.Still, this ritual is accompanied by cheerful songs, jokes and treats.

And let today this ritual has

lost a sense of magic, however, we continue to adhere to this fun tradition.

range of fun tasks for the bridegroom can come up with a lot for this, even it is not necessary to look for ready-made scripts.The main thing - you need to prepare interesting contests on the bride price.

But if time writing his script there, you can use the following options for carrying out this rite.

interesting bride price in a private home

First of all, we should say that the bridesmaids should be active enough to ritual was fun and useful.

Bride price in a private home to beat this tradition allows a fabulous and fun.The bride must be represented as a princess, which the devil has stolen and imprisoned in the forest castle.To do this, you need to prepare a court in accordance with the action taking place: to make the yard with flowers and greenery, sand track, on which the groom will have to go in search of his beloved.Along the track to place a lighted candle.And, of course, dress in appropriate costume party representation.It is desirable to involve the kids.Girls dress in forest fairies, boys - to the elves.The role of the devil is better to give adults with a sense of humor and the actors' instincts.

When the car drive up to the house of the groom, it must meet two little fairies, while throwing a magic pollen (you'll need sequins).

Little fairies welcome guests with the words:

- Hello, my good fellow, what for granted in our magic forest?

groom answers that come to the bride.

- not for any of the princess, which is imprisoned in the castle at the devil?

followed by a response of the groom.

- Then you will have a hard time!It is very difficult obstacles instructed the devil on the way to the castle.

- But never mind, we'll help you!But first we need to make sure you want to marry for love.Choose at what step the trail.

To do this you need to cut paper footprint three: one to write "love" on the other - "convenience", the third - "out of necessity."Arrange the tracks in front of the groom marked down.If the bride has chosen the correct option, he is given a magic apple.If not, you need mercy.After the gifts received, fairies can give an apple to the groom.Then the groom and his entourage go further.On the way they meet the elves with the words:

- Then we will not miss if you do not have to cheer.

Then the groom and his friends handed kitchen tools (spoons, pans, cutting boards).Friends groom playing in the "instruments", and the groom has to sing a funny song.If you liked the elves, the fairies handed an apple, and they move on.If not, you need a groom to pay for the transfer of money or sweets.Then, fairies and elves, taking hands guests, leading them to the devil.It turns out the devil and said:

- Why bestowed on my property?

groom answers.

- I will not give you this beauty, I myself liking it!But if my guess riddles, then maybe I would agree.And if you do not guess, you'll find you another bride.I have a friend of Baba Yaga, she sat up something on the shelf.(At these words derive dressed in bridal veil Baba Yaga).

- How's the bride?Alright?(A groom)

- Well, listen to the puzzle!

Fairy Words:

- Do not worry, we'll help you!


- The first puzzle.How many letters are in the alphabet?(the word "alphabet" 6 letters).

- The second riddle.If an egg is boiled four minutes, how many minutes will boil three eggs?(4 minutes).

- The third mystery.What does the watchman, when he sits on the hat sparrow (sleeping).

For each correct answer the groom give the magical apple.If the answer is wrong, then he tells fairies, demanding a prompt for each award.

Word devil:

- Well, the old, once you're out of luck, all the questions the man replied.But anyway, just so I will not give it to you.If you want to get into the castle, give me some gift and five magic apples.I want to see how you are generous.

groom pays leshemu and enters the house.But here he is met by the bridesmaids, who also prepared a mystery.

Riddles girlfriends:

1. What color eyes at the bride?

2. What is the size of the legs of the bride?

3. What is the growth of the bride?

4. When the birthday of the mother of the bride?

5. For what football team is sick father of the bride?Etc.

girlfriend then demand a ransom, while listing all the advantages of the bride.After the gifts received, the bride groom output.The bride's parents take out treats.

As you can see, bride in a private house allows guests not crowded in the hallway or on the landing in the yard easier to conduct fun contests.

Remember sets for bride price and costume party representation to prepare in advance.In between jobs for the groom should not forget about the guests.They must participate in a specially prepared for their contests.