Versace "Man Eau Fraiche" - the embodiment of freshness and energy

One of the most popular and well-known brands in the world is Versace.It was founded in the 70s of the last century Italian Gianni Versace and was initially focused on the issue of clothing.The first collection of the audience saw in 1980, and just a couple of years this brand is sure took the first position in sales in the global market.In 1982, Gianni Versace presented a first name perfume, which was called Gianni Versace.From the moment perfumes manufactured by the fashion house Versace, confidently it took place in the list of the most popular and sought after.

Fragrance Versace has traditionally been considered an element of good taste, charm and elegance.Perfumes Versace created to gently and at the same time emphasize the elegant style and add a touch of luxurious elegance to the newly created image.This gorgeous perfume goes out of fashion, because he is an integral part of it - part of which has not lost its relevance.

Currently, there are about a dozen flavors, issued house Versace, amo

ng which the most famous are considered such as Versace "Bright Crystal", Versace "Crystal Noir" and, of course, Versace "Man".

founder of the Versace home did not have time to realize all that planning.He was killed in 1997.However, the world famous Versace house still exists today.After the death of the founder of the fashion house he took over the leadership of sister fashion maestro - Donatella Versace.

Perfumes by Versace has always captivated by its elegance and luxury, and Versace "Man Eau Fraiche" is no exception.The name of the perfume in the translation sounds like "fresh water for men."Indeed, the flavor of Man Eau Fraiche - is the embodiment of an incredible freshness and energy.Eau de toilette in an elegant blue box with applique, imitating snake skin, has long been a symbol of self-confident men.This fragrance is for the man who knows exactly what he wants from life, confidently walking towards his goal.

fragrance for men Versace "Man Eau Fraiche" - is surprisingly fresh, thin and light interpretation of the famous perfume Versace "Man".Elegant and refreshing scent with notes of shimmering energetic fresh herbs - a luxurious addition to the image of an elegant and successful man.

Versace "Man" impresses with its truly universal properties in the summer, this fragrance gives an incredible feeling of freshness thanks to the invigorating notes of lemon combined with pink tree and star fruit, and in the cold season, warm aroma gives precious musk, amber and luxurious saffron.This truly hypnotic fragrance envelops its owner like a gorgeous bouquet of tarragon, sage and cedar.The fragrance embodies the passion, elegance and the subtle charm that accompanies the image of a modern, self-confident person.Winner of the fragrance Versace "Man" - a man with a strong character and a strong will, which is a matter of respect and admiration.

To make your loved luxury and memorable gift, is to buy Versace "Man Fraiche".Classy, ​​arousing passion flavor, enclosed in an elegant bottle of sky-blue glass, will be the final touch to the image of the modern man, who knows exactly what he wants to achieve, for what purpose it is necessary to strive for.