Guerlain Homme: strong fragrance strong spirit

fashion house Guerlain has more than a half centuries, and its symbol - the golden bee - known even unsophisticated followers of fashion of perfumes and cosmetics.Buy gift Guerlain Homme - means to show good taste and respect for the ethics and congratulates the men's wardrobe.Fragrances brand emphasize masculinity, strength and lifestyle decisions, but they have sensuality, even in the range of appropriate business communication.All this leads to the fact that Guerlain Homme requested to wear day and night to men aged 25 to 45 years.However, in each case there is an exception - probably, and the student will appreciate the unique aroma of perfume.

So, the creators of Guerlain Homme positioned his creation as a "modern flavor with pristine freshness that lasts infinitely."The emphasis is on the fact that the spirits are not stale as is the case with low-cost producers.Their bouquet opens with new notes with each passing hour, while gives a feeling fresh and clean body, sexuality and support of active

endeavors.Not a bad recommendation for the modern businessman.

French Guerlain Homme presented the public in June 2008 - since its sales only increased.Cute bottles with the scent really donating fresh sea breeze swept from the shelves, because the service has served also a great marketing campaign.Everyone remembers advertising Guerlain Homme, reviews of which are still on the forums, with masterfully executed face-art on the face of the model - a charismatic young man.Also, this perfume was released to the 180th anniversary of the fashion house - one more reason to buy a "gift" for yourself or as a present to another.Although the slogan suggests such a move: "For the beast that lurks inside you."

Is this flavor is so bold and dangerous, not too loud it will sound on the body?To do this, try to figure out a bunch of the series.The fact is that on the heels of his success in 2010 was launched by Guerlain Homme L'Eau - Eau de toilette, and in 2009, a little earlier - released another version of the successful fragrance Guerlain Homme Intense.The latter sounds a bouquet blue mint and sweet rhubarb, and lies in the heart of Havana rum and excellent tender geraniums.Secures all-male bouquet chord - vetiver, patchouli, cedar.The result - elegant composition with rich and rich aroma.

developers in the series are the same - brilliant house perfumers - Guerlain, Thierry Wasser and Sylvia Delacorte.It is their authorship belongs to all perfumes Guerlain over the last five or even more years.That turned them spicy, saucy, leaving no chance of the woman perfume, dictates men and forced to confess his leadership in all things.Frightening, but very tempting.

said music flavor sounds three steps, and you need to listen to each individually.It is therefore recommended to apply a small amount of perfume on the pulse of the place - the wrist or axilla.When the rhythm of the heart will merge with the rhythm chords fragrance opens his true bouquet, and the surrounding will feel it on you.However, this also applies to any flavor, even female - so use the advice in the selection of perfume for themselves, waited for a while and listened to all the notes from the heart to the final colors.