Bride price in the style of airlines

Wedding - an important event in the life of every girl.The proposal has already been done, the wedding date is chosen, and the idea of ​​how to celebrate the triumph, still there?It has become fashionable to move away from tradition and platitudes and make a stylized wedding.On the subject of the bride and groom, as a rule, are determined independently.When choosing an idea that will form the basis of all the celebration, consider the needs and interests of each other, because the wedding - it is a holiday for two, and only you should be comfortable in one of the most important days of his life.

Modern Event agencies and organizers of celebrations offer newlyweds a lot of options on how to note unusual wedding.Ideas can be quite different from a party in the style of the 60s at the banquet to the horror-wedding.But if you decide that you do in the second half of the soul of a high-flying, the theme of travel and aircraft, create aviasvadbu.To prepare for it, not necessarily to fly to distant lands on

the aircraft or lease the airport, enough to stick to a certain style, and all the necessary work.

So, the wedding will include the bride price in the style of the airline, moving from the registrar to "Boeing", registration of marriage in an imaginary airport and solemn part in the cabin with the participation of the flight attendants and pilots.At first glance, the idea of ​​this kind of party in honor of the wedding seems crazy, but be sure guests will remember this day for a lifetime.

Bride price in the style of airlines

If you are a witness or leading of the holiday, get ready for what is on your shoulders the entire responsibility of the organization of redemption.In order to prepare the bride price in the style of the airline, you will need caps, shape stewardess girlfriends culprits for the celebration, relevant posters and other paraphernalia airport.Pre-allocate roles between the girls and warned that they must behave in a hair's breadth as well as flight attendants behave, that is to be helpful, to warn about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption and the need to wear a seat belt.As the competitions, without which no cost ransom style airlines, you can use the singing competition in which the groom and his friends will remember all the songs on the planes, the pilots and the flight.Then the bride can go in search of "baggage", but rather, the bride's shoes and finally enjoy a delicious lunch, which fed people in economy class airplane.Do not forget to regularly add fuel in the form of champagne and collect customs dues.

Once the bride price in the style of the airline came to an end, the bride, groom and guests go on a big white limousine to the registrar where they are waiting for a new trial.Not so easy as it seems at first glance, to put his signature in the registration book, and thus to prove the seriousness of their relationship, the willingness to share with a loved one sorrow and joy.Wedding redemption scenario which can prepare themselves bridesmaids and toastmaster, is only the start of a long flight in front of family life.