Londa Professional - a palette of new shades

Today one of the most popular cosmetic products for coloring and toning of hair is a well-known brand products Londa.Manufacturer of cosmetics Londa Professional regularly updates the range and improving the quality of its products, which is why Londa - hair color, a palette of colors which is quite broad, enjoys such great demand.Russian women have long appreciated all premuschestvo cosmetics of the brand, they are happy to use the proceeds of this producer for coloring at home.

Benefits paint Londa Professional, the palette is extensive enough, the following:

  • unique composition of cosmetic products to color, which is engaged in the development of highly skilled lab Londa.
  • high efficiency and resistance to fading paint.
  • strict quality control and modern technologies used in the production process.
  • Affordable price and wide range of fashionable colors.

One of the main advantages of funds Londa Professional, palette which has recently expanded with new fashionable colors, a wide variety of sh

ades.More than 90 topical colors and about a dozen mikstonov allow you to create a truly unique image and highlight the natural beauty of your curls.

new formula hair dyes Londa Professional, which affects diverse palette of shades, ensures lasting results, a complete staining gray hair amazing shine and hair.The paint is ideally placed, does not drip and is kept on the hair for a long time.

Every woman wants to make a brilliant, shining, and thus maximize the natural color of hair.Palette of Londa Professional now includes five new spectacular colors that have been created for both rich and natural color.

achieve such excellent results the specialists of Londa managed largely through the use of innovative technologies for the care of hair.Special microspheres included in the paint penetrate into the hair shaft, giving the hair a deep lasting color, full natural color overflows and stunning expression.

Londa gives women what each of them could previously only dream of.Thanks to the new, truly natural shades, the hair is amazingly beautiful, and the image - even more attractive, feminine and sexy.

Londa Professional Line includes a plurality of cosmetic care, styling and coloring hair, including the following:

- designed for colored locks, allowing to restore the color intensity and prolong its radiance and richness;

- for damaged hair, restores hair texture;

- effectively smoothing hair, giving a smooth and stunning brilliance;

- for the head of hair permed and natural curly hair;

- for protection against aggressive UV exposure;

- for effective moisture and facilitate combing;

- hair prone to oily sheen and dandruff;

- Specialist funds for maximum cleaning and preparation for painting.

Using the tools in a complex series of Londa, you can achieve a truly magical results - your hair will become docile, and the color will be a long time to please its saturated colors and shine.Londa Professional - completely new palette of luminous colors!