Makeup for brunettes: Tricks of the Trade

Brunettes by nature - very bright woman, always being in the spotlight.Dark hair set off the color of the face, eyes and lips do more vyrazitelnymi.Odnako must be able to choose the right makeup for brunettes, which will be able to emphasize the natural beauty of the girl.Any makeup artist who knows the basics of make-up, will tell you that when applying a make-up must be correctly set accents.Remember that the main focus of any make-up can be only one - either the eyes or lips.

very advantageous will look bright red lips.Thus, in the eyes, you can apply a minimum of makeup.However, the bright and expressive eye makeup also looks great on brunettes.

Remembering the basics of make-up, you need to pay attention to the color of shadows.They must be combined with the color of the eyes, skin, hair tint.Doing makeup for brunettes, just need to choose the right colors to the lady has not lost its natural brightness.

for burning women with dark brown eyes and a somewhat dark skin, it is best suited gold,

brown, blue, purple, gray shadows.As for blush doing makeup for brunettes, should pay attention to bright shades of coral and forget about the light pink.Powder and foundation should be tan, and mascara and eyebrow pencil - only black.

girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes, use purple, silver-gray shades for daytime makeup and golden-brown scheme for evening variants make-apa.Eyebrow pencil should be dark brown, and dark suit blush peach.

Makeup for brunettes with dark hair and light eyes (blue, green, gray) is best done in green, blue and silver palette of shadows, mascara - exclusively black.The choice of color depends on the color of blush eyes - blue-eyed and gray-eyed girl can cause pink shades, and green-eyed fit peach or beige options.

It is difficult, but it really choose the right makeup for brunettes with auburn hair color and very bright eyes.So the fair sex is better to pay attention to the most cool shades shades - beige, blue, blush serye.Dlya better to choose a walnut-brown tint, ink - depending on the color of the eyes, for a very light brown is more suitable than black ink.

Now look at an example of how to apply make-up, with an emphasis on the eyes.Stepping eye makeup is done in several stages:

1. To begin, put the lid on all the most light shade shadows of those that you want to use.

2. Then, to make eyes expressive accents and makeup, you should apply the shade for a couple of shades darker from the middle of the upper eyelid in the direction of the outer corner, and then - by gently fold line eye to the inner corner of it.Do not forget to shade darker shade!

3. At the end of the contour plot the outlines of a different color or the same as that used on the outer corner of the eye.This will help make your eyes bright and expressive.Again, do not forget about blur - the border should be carefully shaded contour.