«Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet» - the romance of spring in your heart!

What do you think, what smells like spring?That's right, fresh, delicate flowering orchards and warm the earth.A summer?Those notes only smells brighter gamma them richer and wider, and sensual fragrances.Eau de toilette line «Miss Dior» again convinces us that the joy of awakening from winter sleep Nature can be stored for a long time, if we have in the arsenal of the precious bottle.And then, no matter what time of year it was not outside, in your heart, ladies, will reign forever young charmer Spring.

new flavor attribute

year 2008. The company released a new version of Dior has already won universal acceptance among women of all ages perfume «Miss Dior Cherie» - toilet water «Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet».Retaining all the charm of the original source, it has become more gentle, romantic, elegant version of the global brand.Associated perfume with a slight spring bouquet, purity and light of youth, with the first date and kisses, with cheerful melodies of love with the heart, with the feminine.

  • type of flavor - the spring and summer;
  • Usage time - any time of day.«Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet» perfect for romantic meetings, friendly parties, everyday communication;
  • family smells - floral-woody;

Aromatic notes: the first, or top - cheerful, bristling with sparks of light citrus - mandarin.They - like bubbles in champagne, as the sunbeams on the wave of the sea, as the sparkle of dew on green grass in the early spring morning.The middle notes of «Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet» - velvety soft peony, his warm, tender, sweet and delicate flavor.It sounds like a languid, smooth melody bewitching soul and blowing up in vague fabulous dream, the same delicious, like these wonderful flowers of the first days of summer.Rounding or base notes of this fragrance was the fragrance of white musk.It envelops you, as if an invisible sensual haze.From enjoying a little dizzy, and everything being overwhelmed feeling of cloudless happiness.

It is in this state, winged, in love with the beauty of the spring of the world, life itself is the secret charm of toilet water «Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet».The uniqueness of it is that, skillfully combining only three major components, the creators have come up with such a masterpiece of rich shades of the composition, it seems as if the bottle is enclosed in an elegant luxury bouquet of a great many wide variety of spring colors.The scent of perfume if promises you a holiday of love, and you begin to live in her anticipation.Because «Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet» well suited to young girls and mature women who have not forgotten how to dream and to hope, to believe in miracles, in love, in happiness.By the way, they are so charming and attractive to men's hearts!

External registration

masterfully created the aroma composition found a worthy decoration of the external packaging design.Like having incorporated all shades of pink and white, sparkling, dancing in the wind like the petals of blooming apple trees, their faces shimmering transparent glass bottle, which is filled with intoxicating scented pinkish liquid eau de toilette «Miss Dior».Plug-cap decorated with lovely, graceful, flirty glass bow.The stylish, tastefully decorated box complements memorable.

This perfume is a wonderful gift that can make his ladylove sincerely loves her choice.