The aroma of Antonio Banderas - Blue Seduction

Many moviegoers know the name of Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas.Now it is also the name of the perfume line, which is manufactured by Puig Group.Currently, the brand is represented by male and female fragrances by Antonio Banderas - a passionate Spaniard, conqueror of hearts of many fans.

Even when creating the now well-known perfume line could predict its success.Name a popular movie star was a guarantee of high quality goods.In addition, a leading company in the field of perfume Puig Group does not tolerate flaws and hypocrisy.

women's fragrance by Antonio Banderas "Blue Seduction" was released in the year two thousand and ten."Azure temptation" (which is translated as the name of the perfume) allows you to experience the atmosphere of the old towns, located on the cliffs, and be bathed in sunshine, sandy beaches.This smell gives us a wide palette of beautiful landscapes and beautiful places suitable for walks on the banks of the tender sea.

designed fragrance for summer pores and spring s

eason.Its use is preferred in the daytime.At first, a little bluff, and then bestowing unforgettable freshness, perfume from Antonio Banderas "Blue Seduction" is perfect for young women.It is designed for daily use, and goes well with clothing stored in free style.Perfume proof enough.

Scent begins with games sweet dessert colors, oriental notes and drops of tart raspberry liqueur.Perfume created using the water of the chord, which is clearly seen mysterious sweetness.The aroma of Antonio Banderas "Blue Seduction" has top notes consisting of shades of juicy citrus fruits and violets.At the heart of the perfume sound nuances of jasmine and rose, raspberry and melon, pear and benzoin, musk and patchouli, gardenia and lily of the valley, peony, and the melons, pears and eastern sweetish chords.

Perfume by Antonio Banderas "Blue Seduction for women" is a testament to the good taste of its owner.The composition of the fragrance is built on the water fresh and fruity floral fragrance.Perfume by Antonio Banderas "Blue Seduction" tempts its lightness and sensuality, elegance and freshness, playfulness and punishable floral aromas.Bottle in which it is realized, is made of transparent glass.It emphasizes play of water and light.On one side of the blue boxes are photos of the founder of the brand - Antonio Banderas.

Perfume by Antonio Banderas "Blue Seduction", comments which suggest it belongs to an elite fragrance, created for the independent modern woman.Eau de toilette is designed for confident bright ladies who are not afraid to be sexy and attractive.Air and delicate perfume from Antonio Banderas is designed for those women who can not remain in the shadows.Aroma, rushed headlong into the global cosmetics market, quickly won the hearts of millions of fans of the brand.

perfume line by Antonio Banderas prefer to buy young and tender, temperamental and passionate ladies.The aroma of this brand intrigue, fascinate and attract.With sweet oriental notes, he gives his mistress sensuality, mystery and piquancy.