Perfume Allure Homme Sport - the breath of future victories

In 2004, the strong half of humanity has received from the fashion house Chanel luxury and a welcome gift - a new composition for the real men who value comfort.

Allure Homme Sport - is so called novelty.It immediately won the hearts of men with its stylish design and unique, wonderfully fresh fragrance.Matt silver rectangular bottle engraved black letters with red symbols inscription Sport, elegant cap with steel piping and logo of Chanel ... Agree - this design is able to melt the strongest heart.Advertising face Allur Homme Sport proved to be a real man - Andres Valenkoso.Bright and charismatic, he sits behind the wheel of your own boat.The man is happy and successful, he has a wonderful sense of style, luxury sports figure.He is well suited new fragrance from Chanel.

It should be noted that in 1999 the fashion house Chanel released the fragrance Chanel Sport, which is characterized by a sparkling freshness and vibrant sensuality.

Smell Allure Homme Sport is based on based on the classic comp

onents of its predecessor, Allure Homme.The freshness is achieved by using notes of bright and juicy tangerine and orange, who grew up on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean, as well as floral aromas of Tunisia.Sensuality emphasize tonka beans from South America, amber amber and white musk.They complement and reinforce the composition accords of cedar and vetiver roots and black pepper, brought from the distant island of Madagascar.

saturated and bright Allure Homme Sport is designed for the modern, young and purposeful man who supports himself in excellent shape and is in step with the times.This fragrance will be quite appropriate, and in the gym and in the restaurant and in the office.Fascinating scent compositions appreciated by admirers of the House of Chanel.In 2005, she received the prestigious FIFI Aword's (UR) in the category "People's Choice┬╗

In 2007, Jacques Polzh, perfumer of the House of Chanel, creates a lightweight version of the beloved smell - Allure Homme Sport Cologne, citrus cologne with a strong power of marine element.

new fragrance for men who are looking for bright and sensations.From Chanel "Allure Homme Sport Cologne" blows like the romance of sea expanses.A man enjoying the scent of Chanel "Allure Sport" - an example of sporty elegance, courage, strength, strict style.This fragrance is successfully combined with predatory sensuality, athletic grace, daring purposefulness and irresistible charm.Such a person unfamiliar word "defeat."A man who uses cologne Chanel "Sport", looks at life simply and confidently.

The composition is clearly dominated by a mixture of citrus cocktail - Sicilian lemon and orange, Calabrian bergamot and grapefruit, which are cooled with fresh sea breezes.The scent becomes noticeably warmer with original notes Elemi resin to Manila.White Musk few soothing citrus unbridled energy.Accents spicy spices that accompanies the smell of cedar, confer the power of this fragrance and tranquility.

Stylish transparent bottle Allure Homme Sport is made of smooth glass.

In 2008, the composition has been awarded the title of best male fragrance according to the Spanish Association of Academies of perfumery.