What should be a ski suit

Despite the fact that skiing seems, at first glance, a variety of outdoor activities, the selection of sports equipment for amateurs and forms no less important than for professionals.How to explain this?The fact that the right choice of equipment will bring a real pleasure to its owner.This is especially true vacation at a ski resort.It is necessary to remember that in a hurry, or bought a cheap form can destroy the positive emotions from the downhill and bring a real discomfort.

ski suit was created in the late forties of the last century fashion designer Emilio Pucci.This form he began to sew before the Second World War.She was wearing at the time ski team "Reed College".History of the brand got its start in 1947, when Emilio Pucci sewed this equipment for his friend.Ski suit, created by designer, happened to be photographed and evaluated by editors prestigious magazine "Harper's Bazaar".Taking into account the harmony of style and practicality of things, they offered Emilio Pucci design a whole co

llection of garment.That's the way sports and ski suits for the first time appeared on the market for fashion goods.And now outdoor enthusiasts appreciate the functionality and practicality of this form.

When selecting equipment must bear in mind that the suit - is not just a jumpsuit or a combination of insulated jackets and trousers.This is all the clothes that a person puts under them (T-shirts, thermal underwear, warm socks and sweaters).In fact, ski suit consists of three different layers.The first of them - a thermal underwear.It is made of synthetic fabric, which has a special structure.This underwear can not only keep the heat of the human body, protecting his master from the bitter cold, but also bring moisture.This maintains thermoregulation.Save when you buy such clothes is not recommended.In the case where it replaces the conventional clothes are sewn from cotton, it absorbs sweat released during exercise.This horse becomes uncomfortable.

second layer, which includes a ski suit - is insulated clothing.Such a thing can serve as an ordinary knitted sweater.However, for active recreation is most effective special clothing fleece designed for skiing.These things are great and keep the heat is removed from the body surface moisture.

upper third layer of equipment - a special suit with a jacket or trousers.The material from which the data are sewed things usually windproof.Moreover, this fabric is capable of removing moisture from inside.

Choosing a ski suit, you should pay close attention to indicators of water vapor permeability.They indicate the amount of vapor that the fabric is able to skip during the day.Equally important is the moisture resistance, which characterizes the amount of moisture that the fabric can withstand before wet.Both of these indicators should be as high as possible.

important also cut suit.It is much more practical than fitting model.Free cutting increases the resistance of the air mass.Ski suits, the price of which starts with eighty dollars, the buyer chooses, based on their requirements and financial condition.