Pants banana - "fruity" breath of fashion

Eastern countries gave the Europeans a huge number of innovations and pleasant discoveries: incense, spices, various natural cosmetics and items of clothing.It may seem strange, but it was thanks to the residents of the east in the wardrobe of the modern fashionistas appeared pants-bananas.The history of the development of more than one century and has its roots deep into the colonial possessions in Central Asia, Europe.It was then that the first invaders seen on the subject of men's wardrobe, which was called a dhoti.

Originally it was a piece of cloth that is wrapped around the hips and pushes forward between the legs, fixed on the waist.Gradually this fashion took over and women.The colonial era passed, and the attributes of the East have come and to us, turning everyday items Hindu nation into a bright component of modern fashionistas wardrobe.We are called dhoti easier - pants-bananas.The name was chosen for a reason.After all, its form - wide at the top and narrowed down - pants reminiscent of t

he edible fruit.Another kind of dhoti are breeches.

Back in the 80s of the 20th century, the pinnacle of style was the presence in the locker room this model pants.Fashion changes, and these were replaced by trousers flared trousers and straight pipes.Currently, however, the lady capricious tastes again turned toward the long-forgotten models.And because of this back into use once popular pants-bananas.Women variations of these pants is as beautiful as men.Of course, style over time has undergone significant changes, having incorporated new features and elements.Anyone can now choose his trousers to taste.In addition, there are many variations to help choose the model that suits a particular person and takes into account all features of the structure of the figure.

Modern pants-bananas for women and kept the old trend.For example, the fashionista may emphasize its narrow waist, using these pants with high seating.It is also visually lengthen the leg and make the figure more slender and graceful.The fair sex, which can not boast of a "wasp" waist, opt for trousers with contemporary low-slung.

Combine pants-bananas with other items of clothing can be quite different.It all depends on which model you plan to buy pants.So, options appropriate to combine the classic with shirts tucked in and elegant tops.However, not stylists advise to complement the pants and bulky sweaters shirts untucked.

Sport pants can be combined with an alcoholic shirts and jackets inflated.It should pay special attention to heels - shoes, this is the best friend of classic "fruit" trousers.Do not wear describes the wardrobe girls of short stature and plump physique, since these trousers visually shorten the leg, and even slightly compacted shape.

Not only the fair sex are able to flaunt in public wearing pants-bananas.Men's trousers of this model is very popular among a strong half of mankind.Combining and combining them with a turtleneck, a variety of shirts and jackets, you can find a way suitable for the office, walk or club party.