Tulip Dress: fashionable, practical, beautiful!

dress - dress, which will be popular everywhere and always.Today, designers and fashion designers have come up with so many different types and styles of dresses that can easily get lost in the abundance of clothes.In this article, we will focus on tulip dress, one of the most popular women's styles.

tulip dress (pictured left and below) will look especially great for a romantic date or the prom.It can be worn to work, and a disco, and just for a summer outing.This style is in the wardrobe of every girl's romantic: This dress is feminine, practical, nice and very comfortable.There are many variants: long and short skirt with a small neck and neckline, with sleeves or without them.

Why tulip dress is this name?

very simple.The skirt of the dress resembles this spring flower.Draw in the mind of the tulip and flip the image from top to bottom.Before you - the outline of the bottom of the dress, tulip, ie, its skirt."Calyx" gracefully embraces the female waist, hips and legs, which play the role of

refined stalk.It is interesting that the top of dress can be very different: different length sleeves, the cut outlines and so on.Dress-tulip can be a throat or a deep neckline.The peculiarity of such dresses is that it would be appropriate to almost any situation!But everyone does it fit?This was on.

Suitable for dress with tulip skirt?

Alas, this dress is not suitable for everyone.The thing is that it expands at the hips, making them larger and bulkier visually.In view of this, the dress fit only a slim girl with high and narrow hips.If the girl slim, but has wide hips, dress, cinch it may come if her skirt is narrowed to the maximum.Of great importance in this case and the choice of colors (preferably - monophonic).Finally, a full girls dress is contraindicated in most cases: it is unprofitable to emphasize the curvy shape and spoil the mood.However, such solutions devised for this style, which can hide the hip.It is best to dress will look on the girls of average height and build.As the "sit" dress, also depends on the fabric and its structure.

Modern trends

If we talk about the modern fashion trends with respect to the tulip dresses, it is important to note that it can be absolutely anything.However, the length of the dress should depend on the place in which you are going in this garb, and the purpose of the visit.Too short dress tulip would be inappropriate in the office.

Recently popular dresses in bright rich colors, plain dresses, pastel colors.Pastel dresses very well look, if there are any floral pattern.Dress-tulip can be decorated with Japanese motifs, lace pattern, small flowers or abstract figures.Today in vogue - the originality and the desire to experiment, so the main task of every fashionista is the choice of dress to taste.