Wedding dresses in the Empire style.

wedding is undoubtedly the most vivid and memorable event in the life of every girl.Sometimes the fairer sex dream about this day since childhood, trying to mind a variety of outfits and jewelry.Choosing a wedding dress should be very responsible and deliberate, she simply has to weigh the "pros" and "cons", so you do not spoil the mood of yourself and others when viewing a failed wedding photos.One of the most popular styles of wedding dresses - the Empire.As this is a wedding dress?

little history

Empire style became popular thanks to his wife of Napoleon Bonaparte in the 19th century.In those days, and even long before, was chosen for this dress is so thin fabric, it shone and hugs the body.For him, sewed a special lining of thick silk.Then dress in the Empire style weighed less than a quarter of a kilogram, so some women sewed him loads.Some girls cut skirts or dresses moistened with water, to emphasize the feminine silhouette.

Over time, the dress added embroidery, made less deep neckline,

hem shortened.Later it was supplemented by a corset, lace, ruffles and other embellishments.

Modern wedding dresses in the Empire style characterized by a low-cut, high-waisted, long straight skirt with pleats.Like any other dress, a dress can have various options and add-ons, depending on the imagination of the designer and the bride's taste.

wedding dresses in the Empire style today

image of the bride's first create a beautiful dress, and only then draws attention to the decorations on the head, gloves, handbags, wraps, bouquet and shoes.The important role played by hairstyle and makeup.To match the style of the Empire, the dress should be supplemented by a suitable hairstyle.Thus, the hair can pick up and decorate with flowers, ribbons and beads, curled locks and put them on the head, securing the tiara.Women who choose such a wedding dress should be remembered that under these ideal minimal makeup, glowing skin and a smile radiated freshness.

Required element - gloves.Fashion experts assure that the revealing outfits, the longer the gloves should be.Shoes women should be in the Greek style.Suit flat shoes with straps or ribbons.Women who do not like this style of shoes can choose any other sandals or shoes.

wedding dresses in the Empire style must be complemented by a bouquet of delicate flowers with white, pastel or gold ribbons.This will add the image of tenderness.

wedding dresses in the Empire style: photo

style of dress in the Empire style

Attire bride in this style is very interesting cut.Usually dresses in the Empire style have overestimated the waist and a short bodice that highlights the beauty of the breast.The top of the dress is embroidered threads or sequins.The level of the waist can be stressed ribbon tied in a bow at the back.Front garment has a straight cut, going back in a faint crease.Among the most popular materials for such tailoring wedding dress following: chiffon, tulle, thick silk, muslin, voile, silk handkerchief, batiste, satin, and other light fabrics.Color can also be the most anyone: the snow-white, and sand and lavender and pistachio.By the way, dress in a style well suited to the position of brides who want to hide the little rounded tummy.