Odri quality down jacket will protect you from severe frosts

history of the Italian company began Odri unusual.Several young and talented people have decided to buy for themselves a good winter outerwear.After visiting a few stores, and were unable to choose.It should be noted that they visited the shops, not only in Italy but also in other countries.After that itself was born the decision to establish a private collection that meets the tastes and interests of a large number of people around the world.

been more than five years since then, the company has improved and is growing rapidly.Her jackets are proud Odri, reviews of which only come from around the world rave.These things are not only warm you in the frosty winter days, but will give your way of charm and elegance.

Italian jackets Odri presented in a huge range.A woman of any age and with any figure can always pick up a suitable option.In 2013, the company revised its more relevant to products.The latter has become more stylish and elegant.It should be noted that the jacket is very practical Odri.

This jacket can be worn for a walk, and in the office.

addition to traditional truncated models this year, down jacket appeared Odri knee length.In addition, you can pick up samples fitted silhouette.Despite its thickness, you will succeed, even in severe frosts demonstrate to others their ideal figure.These innovations specialists have developed a series of original brand belts with buckles made of metal.

brand brand stores opened today in many countries of the world, and each year their number increased.This is undoubtedly due to the increasing demand for the products.Odri jacket is quite affordable.The cheapest model can be bought for eight thousand rubles, and the price of the most expensive does not exceed twenty-three thousand.

company pays great attention to youth fashion.This is primarily down jacket Odri shortened.It also can be worn to work, and on the outing.

Such models have high fur collars, protects against piercing winter wind.Mainly used furs of sable, fox, llama.

Down jacket Odri, as we are assured producers will last up to twenty years.What is the secret of this longevity?This, above all, a specially created an extremely durable fabric, resistant and high-quality dyes.Even after a few seasons of frost jacket is not shed, do not rub, it will retain its original appearance.Content provided

jacket Odri only natural duck down.Another feature of this company - to any model you can buy a hat and mittens.They are perfect in color and style to the down jacket, trimmed with the same fur.All these small details can help you to create a vivid and memorable way.

Evgeni Plushenko and Yana Rudkovsky participated in the latest advertising campaign of Odri and demonstrated not only high-quality winter clothes, but also accessories to it.Thus, they have drawn attention to this stylish and contemporary brand.