Perfume Gucci "Pour Homme II" - the smell of luxury

Guccio Gucci, the Italian-born founder of the world-house Gucci, managed to create a pattern of a harmonious relation of refinement, beauty and elegance.Flavors of the brand is so unique that will give perfection to any image.Sophistication, sensuality, charm, tenderness and magical attraction characteristic of all odors from Gucci.

For example, in 2007, was created a perfume water Gucci "Pour Homme II".It is designed for modern men.This fragrance combines the spicy-woody accords, emphasizes independence and self-confidence.Is not all this characterizes the modern man?Perfume Gucci gives sexy, charisma, charm and nobility of its owner.He pulls that no representative of the fairer sex will not be able to resist the man with the scent of passion - Gucci "Pour Homme II".Shades of bergamot will give this cool water perfume and notes of violets will surround tenderness.It will create the image of a confident and reliable man, next to which any woman will be comfortable.This fragrance as if invented for the

stylish and trendy "brutal" to the magical attraction of Italian passion.One needs only to look at the bottle, and its composition will speak about content.Made in the style of natural materials, it emphasizes the natural and harmonious magic elixir.A cap of the vial suggests this luxury perfume water.

Gucci "Pour Homme II" - an alliance of freshness and nobility of sexuality.Because of this unique combination of this perfume is suitable both for business events and for meetings.A unique feature of this odor is a harmonious blend of masculinity and tenderness: the fragrance created for a confident man who appreciates luxury.Woody spicy bouquet reveals notes of bergamot and violet leaves.Eau de parfum Gucci "Pur Om II», like a magic elixir Gucci "Guilty Pour Homme", able to blow up the imagination of a hot mix of pepper and cinnamon, and her train sensually accentuates the refined flavor notes of tobacco leaves, the olive tree, myrrh and musk, battling spot allwomen.

Gucci by Gucci "Pour Homme" presented in 2003. He is the father of Gucci "Pour Homme II". Despite the fact that every day creating new flavors, he was able to find its own rightful place in the world of perfume. It can be said that the so-smells of luxury: Luxury cigars collection cognac, expensive leather, and furniture. The fragrance Gucci by Gucci "Pour Homme" opens the beauty of the life of millionaires. Admirers of the perfume are people with impeccable taste. They always look perfect and are a role model, as well as objectsfor admiration and envy. Men prefer the fragrance Gucci has always enjoyed success with women: a little heavy cable with refreshing notes of lemon and bergamot makes an impressive impact on the fair sex.

Gucci "Pour Homme" emphasizes the hopelessness of its owner success and scale new heights.Train this fragrance will talk about self-sufficiency and success of its owner.He gives it a magical and intriguing attraction.Better than any words he tells of the inner strength of a man who prefers the perfume.