Angel Schlesser "Essential" - a beautiful fragrance for women

Every woman wants to have a unique and special flavor.After all, so it becomes different from others and stands out from the crowd.There was a pleasant smell, which is able to give her femininity and individuality.Water is a novelty 2011."So Essential" is an elegant composition, which is filled with a sense of fun and endless happiness ...

Perfume Angel Schlesser are very elegant and very feminine fragrance.The smell is enough "young" and features a special zest for life."Sunny", the interpretation of the famous female summer perfume named Angel Schlesser "Essential" appeared in 2011.Spirits have maintained their minimalist style and filled with subtle flavor characteristics of their sense of happiness.

composition spirits - reveals the secrets

author of these bright harmonious perfume is Jean Jacques.Perfume is known for having created the unforgettable aroma of well-known brand Masaki Matsushima.The exotic fruit prelude sun felt fresh notes of kiwi, pomegranate and mandarin.Angel Schlesser

"Essential" vary vigorous mischievous assumption that after becoming soft and sweet nectarine disclosed and flower smell the roses and peas.At the end you are waiting chypre accord, which consists of notes of patchouli and musk that can give peace of mind and coolness, as well as emphasize the elegance of the fragrance.

inherent design of the bottle shape, designed for the original version of the spirits Essential.Now the spirits enclosed in a simple rectangular bottle glass and on the packaging there are juicy pink shades.Angel - perfume - were established in toilet water concentration in vials having a volume of from 30 to 100 ml.The aromatic series Angel Schlesser "Essential" there is still a body lotion and 200 ml shower gel, which also has a volume of 200 ml.

What women choose perfume Angel

Angel Schlesser "Essential" is a wonderful scent for women who are hard enough in their own beliefs and views on the world.This odor can be sure to emphasize some of the best qualities of the woman who chose him.Each lovely lady will be inspired by his memorable floral bouquet, refreshing their own ease.In the final possessor spirits awaiting wood chord, that will give her a sense of peace and tranquility.Such spirits can not leave indifferent any woman.She did not remain absolutely no reason to experience, nothing will bring her out of that blissful state, which will give her the perfume.

Angel Schlesser "Essential" - an excellent choice for the ladies who are strict classical priverzhenka and prefer not to change their stereotypes.It is not necessary to invent the wheel twice.After all, every woman is held personality, she does not need anyone's advice, she did not want to take any paradoxical, innovative ideas.SPECIAL fair sex with these noble spirits acquire greatness with wise humility.What woman can remain indifferent?Yes, and it should not do, because the only way she can feel yourself a real lady that exudes refined, distinctive, unique flavor.