Sensual fragrance Calvin Klein Beauty

In 1968, Calvin Klein founded the New York-based company, whose authorized capital is equal to ten thousand dollars.The company became famous for its famous jeans, which the owner of the company was first shown at the podium, making a working form in sexy clothes attribute of modern humans.This happened ten years after the formation of the company.

Today the company is a powerful, prosperous company with a huge range of quality products - it's jeans, outerwear, men's and women's underwear, bags, shoes, accessories, perfumes.

Fragrances Calvin Klein distinguished personality, sensuality and provocative.Launch of the perfume has been one of the factors that contributed significantly to the success of the company.Even though the first not very successful attempt to create a fragrance in the 70s, following the work of the brand in this field have been of great, if not, the incredible profits.And in 2010, the famous perfumer Calvin Klein Sophe Labbe was created entirely new flavor - "Beauty".Elegant and

refined perfume composition dedicated to the woman of mature age, which is full of vitality and boundless energy.

Perfume Calvin Klein "Beauty" was created as a supplement to a bright new clothing line of the great master.The composition opens with bright notes of hibiscus, lily, jasmine, and in his heart hidden virgin cedar and musk.

natural beauty has always been and will be in vogue.It can not be forged or copied, but you can only underline.Creating Perfumed water Calvin Klein "Beauty" in 2012, perfumers have dreamed of making their flavor known to the whole world.They wanted to emphasize and enhance the beauty of a young and beautiful girl, gentle, recently blown bud exotic flower.

Girl Calvin Klein "Beauty" feminine, energetic and totally confident.It is delicious, fun and young.Her beauty is natural, and therefore extremely attractive.Carefree and sparkling fragrance - the embodiment of attractiveness and sexuality.

Bottle Calvin Klein "Beauty" made in the same style as the original flavor itself.The streamlined shape of the soft pink glass symbolizes quivering tenderness, exquisite translucent lid completes the elegant image.

smell of "Beauty" Calvin Klein - airy and light.He will not shout about his mistress, it nenazoyliv and calm.As it does not feel cloying sweetness.It is very delicate and fresh floral arrangements.She quickly reveals notes of peach, followed by the vibrant and sensual accords of peony and delicate pink lily.Ends flavor "Beauty" Celvin Klein plume of flowers sandalwood and vanilla.

continue the line of "Beauty" elegant and refined composition - Calvin Klein "Beauty Essence".It is the embodiment of grace, elegance and femininity.Gorgeous smell of flowers opens sensual notes of ripe white peach and Japanese pear.At the heart of the fragrance - a beautiful bouquet of peony, magnolia and rose petals Turkish.The composition ends with a bright plume, rich musk and cedar with accents of vanilla.

All fragrances "Beauty" can lift the spirits and remind the eternal feeling - love.Advertising face of the fragrance has become a luxurious and refined Diane Kruger.