Gucci "Envy Me": Summer has come!

How do you imagine the perfect summer fragrance?Should it be easy or sparkling and deep and seductive?Perhaps his main palette should be marine or aquatic?Though, most likely, you prefer floral or citrus flavors.Then this summer you should pass under the sign of Gucci "Envy Me" - bright and light fragrance for active women.

Spring, summer, spring again

long been verified that a successful fragrance tends to return to its season.So Gucci "Envy" takes on a new round of popularity with the advent of spring and summer.Staying in the family floral-fruity fragrance was released house Gucci parfums in 2004, but it still can be found on sale.

Millions of girls around the world prefer the perfume Gucci "Envy Me" as a great spring and summer scent.What is the secret of success of the "pink towers," as it is called "Envy Mi" his fans?

dynamics, determination, femininity

By the nature of the perfume Gucci suits sexy, eccentric, brash and dynamic girls.They are full of enthusiasm and curiosity, liberat

ed and open to fashion new products, free from prejudice and stupid jealousy.No wonder the name of the fragrance sounds like "envy me!".Let all jealous, I do not care, because I'm on top!

Perfume Gucci "Envy Mi" for the evening go out, visiting discotheques.Among this fragrance you will become the queen of any party!However, some girls are so szhivaetsya with Envy Mi, which use it for daily walks.However, beware: the perfume is too bright and sparkling daylight.

multifaceted flavor

Perfume Gucci "Envy Me" is very volatile - the aroma that you'll hear in the store, at home can tune quite differently.That is why the happy owner of these spirits are advised before purchasing to buy a bottle tester.So you can get used to constantly open up new faces "Envy Mi" Gucci and ensure that the scent for you is the best.

musical notation

opens perfume Gucci "Envy Me" fresh notes of jasmine, pineapple and cassia, flavored with pink pepper.The heart notes are playing bright pomegranate, musk, lychee and pink peony.The loop sound notes of white tea, teak wood, musk, sandalwood and tobacco.Oriental motifs add sparkle of mystery and enchanting fragrance.

real find Gucci was framing peony notes of pink pepper and tobacco.The unusual composition accurately reflects the nature of a bright girl.In addition, this combination removes all claims to the flavor "Envy Mi" as "sweet-Compote".

Pink turret

Incredibly, while the rest of the fashion houses of perfumes are trying to create an original design and custom packaging for their spirits, the house Gucci prefer simplicity and functionality.Bottle "Envy Me" - rectangular, like a high tower, for which he was nicknamed as fans of flavor.Decorated miniature logo of the brand, the bottle is incredibly simple to use, easy to carry in a handbag, it does not take up much space.After such a convenient box you just do not want to move on to the more fanciful and original bottle.