Tsvetotip Fall: style and make-up

tsvetotip autumn - one of the brightest.Owners of this type do not captivate the tenderness of spring and winter playing on contrasts and dazzle their playful, fun and joie de vivre.Often possessing expressive eye color and "Autumn" golden-red shade of hair, they look simply dazzling!

skin color

skin representatives of this type can have different colors, but it always has a slightly golden tone.Tsvetotip autumn - is olive, bronze and peach skin.Sometimes it can be ivory.Often the owner of this tsvetotipa differ charming freckles.They should be especially afraid of ultraviolet radiation, because their skin burns easily.

tsvetotip Fall: hair color

hair owners of tsvetotipa very saturated, "autumn" shades from gold to chocolate brown or copper luster.Even if the hair is light brown, they cast a warm glow.Often representatives of this type of hair is long and thick.

tsvetotip Fall: eye color

eyes of women of this type may be of different colors, but they are certainly bright - golden ambe

r, brown, emerald-green, greenish-blue or bright blue.But iris "autumn" women are always slightly visible golden glow.It is very warm eyes fathomless eyes.

tsvetotip Fall:

colors to create the perfect image of the man of this type are suitable deep warm shades - from ecru, yellow-brown and terracotta to bright green.But black, pink, indigo and white - the color palette prohibited.In the wardrobe of "Autumn" women should prevail warm cream and brown shades.As an accent can be used maroon or purple.The brightness of the natural colors in any case should not be muted.Can we take the red and protective (khaki) color.They are perfectly combined.Gold, anyway, must be present in any costume.And it is not about jewelry, but this metal is very beautiful autumn woman, and color.

style of

Most owners of autumn tsvetotipa fits the so-called rustic and sporty.Prints should be dim and contrasting styles - simple, perhaps with the details folklore.An interesting element - layering clothing.You can try their hand at creating an image in the style of "safari".


autumn woman should choose comfortable clothes made, dense tissue - such as suede, velvet, boucle or corduroy.

tsvetotip Fall: makeup

women of this type should choose warm shades of peach tonal framework.You can make a natural makeup, or risk a very bright option."Autumn" a woman will never look vulgar.However, the stylists do not recommend to choose only the brown tones of lipstick and eye shadow.There are many other warm, but more bright colors, matching this tsvetotipu.But the cold tones, as well as mother of pearl should be avoided.Perfect make-up look "autumn" Women honey shade, warm shades of green and purple.You can trace the contour of the eye dark pencil.But in this case should not be a bright accent to the lips.