Adjust the drooping eyelids with makeup

function of age - Eye protection from external influences and from drying out.Eyelid consists of a movable, upper and lower portions and has a fold.The skin of this delicate facial area is very thin and delicate, easily stretched.The upper part can hang over the mobile, hiding the fold.This structural feature of the age or age-related changes.For this area needs special care to keep supple and taut.For a perfect state of age should regularly use the funds that moisturize the skin delicate area and promote the production of collagen.Drooping eyelids change their facial expression: eyes become sad and dejected.Natural features of the structure of the age and age-related changes in the area can be corrected with the help of makeup.

How to do makeup for the eyes drooping eyelids

As with any other makeup should not forget about flawless skin tone.Use the correctors to hide flaws and highlight the advantages of your face.The main thing is to make it as small as possible imperfections, then the make-up wil

l make your drooping eyelids highlight image.Apply colors to the closed eyes to more clearly draw the every part of the century, and periodically open it to see the picture, holding eyelids open.Start with eyebrows: a clear line with a break and a shortened length of the eye is well framed.Be sure to use a foundation shade that does not allow them to slide and improve their application.The first bar make a break eyebrows.This can be a highlighter or light pearlescent shade.This flare visually lifts drooping eyelids.The main thing is not to apply a lighter shade at the end of the eyebrow.It will focus on the structural features of the eye.The inner corner of the eye and eyelid cover movable shade shadows close to the skin tone.In no event do not go beyond the boundaries of the mobile age.Otherwise, make the overhang of the upper eyelid more pronounced.Another feature of the make-up is drawing the folds of dark shade of matte shadow, which should start at the inner corner of the eye and end at the outer with the transition to the mobile eyelid.The fold must be feathered and clearly visible both in closed and with eyes open.

Prerequisite make-up is that the outer corner of the century rolling stock should be visually lift drooping eyelids, making the eyes open and easy.The next stage - drawing ciliary edge.This focus will make a clear distinction between movable eyelid and crease.Doing this bar is better resistant liner or matte shadows wet.It all depends on how much the eyelid hangs.Sustainable eyeliner will not allow imprinted drawn ciliary edge on the fold.On the lower eyelid in two-thirds of the outer corner of the eye, apply the same shade as on the fold.Finally, make the focus of the light matte shadow in the middle of rolling century.Eye makeup with overhanging eyelids ready.Make sure that the border colors are well feathered.Add to the make-up powder, blush, lipstick, mascara, and you irresistible!