Peach color is especially important in the spring

This is peach blossom?Choose the right clothes, make-up easier if you know your tsvetotip.Not everyone is equally suitable specific color.Sometimes expressive things look quite unattractive, if they are not suitable for tsvetotipu or incorrectly combined with other items of clothing.The same applies to cosmetics.

idea of ​​selection of clothes and cosmetics "to face" came to us from the progressive America.Romantic division (seasonal) has a grain of truth.It is based on two facts: the complexion (light skin in harmony with warm colors, with dark - cold) and the allowable intensity of shades (too bright are not for everyone).

If we approach the issue in terms of scale, it is possible to identify two basic color types of people: those who are suitable warm colors, and those who are cold.There is a more detailed classification.This type of appearance, designated by the names of the seasons: "Spring" and "Autumn" (warm), "Summer" and "Winter" (cold).Blonde men are of the type "Spring" and "Summer", dar

k-haired and red - to the "Winter" or "Autumn".The color of the eyes, skin or hair, taken individually, do not fully define tsvetotip.

Based on this division, a peach color can be attributed to the group warm palette.That is, it will be to face the people, which are suitable warm colors.The spectrum of this tsvetotipa covers shades from yellow to dark brown, many colors with a touch of red (red-brown, orange), red, beige, several shades of green (zhёlto- and grass-green).

Among these peach is one of the most complex, composite, including shades of sand, red, yellow and others.It is light, soft, low-key color, close to natural colors.He is to face the girls with fair skin bezhevato-pink or pale golden hue, possibly with freckles golden brown (not gray) color.

peach hair color will suit girls who have hair blonde by nature, with a slight yellowish tinge (straw, light brown, flaxen, light brown, golden ash), but always warm tones, often with natural light strands.Eyebrows and eyelashes for a harmonious way, too, must be tone hair can be a bit darker.

Such appearance suit and peach-colored lipstick.It should not repeat the exact hair color.Better if it will be brighter and more expressive.It is important, however, that the lip color is not contrasted with the skin.Expressive in this tsvetotip not necessary to achieve due to the brightness of tones of cosmetics, and by definition make-up lines.

general, the peach blossom is optimal for the spring period, when the nature of many natural dyes based on yellow.At this time, these colors are much brighter palette of autumn.Desirable to select makeup and hair color shade with the help of clothes.It should be pastel, soft colors: gold, the color of young greens, turquoise, coral, terracotta.In this scheme should be the same and accessories.Too light or dark tones give you a tired and lifeless appearance, so it is better not to use.