Spring makeup and evening makeup person.

makeup can do wonders.It is known to all women, but few know how to correctly and beautifully to make it.Today is a very popular spring makeup.It is simple to implement, easy and goes almost all the girls.

There is one golden rule that will help you create the right beautiful spring makeup.It is necessary only that the use warm quiet tone, regardless of whether this shadow or face powder.It is preferable to choose the color shades from pale pink to pale bronze.Powder should be as close to your natural color, respectively, of powder tan is abandoned.Blush choose peach or pink shade.

So now we describe in detail how to create a make-up from the first picture.

To create such a makeup we need to thin brush for makeup and shadows of three colors: purple, dark gray and white, tonal basis, eyebrow pencil, blush peach color, mascara and lipstick color NUDE.

Before you start make-up person suggested to make any pre-hydrating mask and adjust the shape of eyebrows.

In the first phase we put the tonal found

ation on clean skin.Carefully its shade.

next stage - the most important is the application of shadows.At the outer corner of eye impose a dark gray shadow, then all the mobile eyelid, except for the area with gray shadows, impose a purple shade, shade, making possible a smooth transition from gray to purple.The inner corner of the eye whites lighten shadows.By the way, if desired, may be applied to the base under the shadow.With her eye makeup will be more stable and will not flow in hot weather.Also do not forget to adjust the eyebrows with a pencil, if necessary.

The third phase One coat of mascara to the eyelashes and a little blush on the cheekbones.Finish the whole make-up bright lipstick NUDE.You can also use clear or pale pink gloss on its discretion.

Here's a simple, but a gentle spring make-up can create quite independently.

But Spring makeup is not suitable if you plan to, say, going to the club.There is already a need bright, evening make-up (photo 2).

complexity of it is that you can easily and simply go too far with shadows and do not elegant and the vulgar make-up.

Pictured evening make-up is presented in the colors gray and metallic blue.Application of tonal framework, blush, eyebrow correction described above, so that will not be repeated.But in the shadows stands alone stop.

Under the shade of the base it is necessary to apply, as would not be very nice if in the middle of the night one eye "erased".

shade themselves imposed with a fine brush, starting with full feathering around the movable century blue shades with metallic effect.Next, select the outer corner of eyes with gray.Line the bottom of cilia growth ink supply soft pencil.Lips's not worth much, and to allocate sufficient to limit light lipstick, but the eyelashes need to focus, paint over them with a double layer extension mascara or use false eyelashes.Of course, you can use other colors, but it is necessary not to forget that evening make-up, as a rule, always bright.

Evening make-up "likes" glossy and pearl shades, bright lipstick.Properly placed accents will guarantee the success of any event.

Be creative and create a unique face makeup!