Luxury perfume Carolina Herrera 212 VIP - a sign of style and elegance

Birth fragrance Carolina Herrera 212 VIP was vzmozhno through boundless talent of the great perfumer-taught by Alberto Morillas, the Swiss of Spanish origin, whose name is proudly decorated with such market-leading perfumes as "Flower by Kenzo", "CK One", "Bvlgari BLV"," Chic "by Carolina Herrera, and many others.

creating flavors like Alberto paints, mixing ingredients like colored paint, achieving only the desired shade, and the smell of Carolina Herrera 212 VIP author painted by the most noble tones.Adding to the pretentious name "VIP", the author does not seek to address his creation only to the ladies, the level of well-being is determined by a large number of zeros: it appeals to women, whose state of mind and way of life, not the size of the purse, worthy of the title of the elite.212 VIP Carolina Herrera - the smell for independent, self-motivated, ambitious and intelligent lady.It complements the inherent softness of such girls confidence, beauty - elegance, expressiveness - style.According t

o the plan Carolina Hereira younger Morillas and versatile flavor: harmonious revealing in daily use, fragrance envelops the owner of a light, easy to train gardenia and musk.

author rightly calls Musk one of the most noble aromas and delicate trail of bergamot in harmony with it creates a mysterious fairy tale forest."Wearing" the spirits of the party, you will be decorated with colorful passion fruit, camellia and pyanitelnym Spanish rum - fun in that "dress" you can until the morning.Impeccable style will emphasize a little sweet, gentle vanilla, passion fruit and refined tonka bean.Treat yourself to a respectable status of happy, sensual and sexual woman - conquer the world together with the scent Carolina Herrera 212 VIP, reviews of which are full of enthusiasm and reverence!Women say they felt the first time, as the attraction of odor can change the mood of a partner, arranging for constructive conversation, it is easy to make difficult decisions, when your image is surrounded by an aura of refined taste and femininity.And those who have not yet had time to write his name into the "list of" privileged persons, dream to make it fail.Maintaining the concept of prestige, the creators of Carolina Herrera 212 VIP clothe fragrance gilded bottle streamlined, which has a very exciting and fascinating magnetism - a gift worthy of the best women!

Combining the highest consumer properties of product refinement outward appearance, luxury Carolina Herrera 212 VIP gets a well-deserved championship among women of all ages, allowing them to reveal their individuality and originality, giving rise to new and surprising images of others.These spirits are collected in the morning of quiet colors, bright day and the fiery brilliance city at night, they will be next to you all day, and your face will only cause admiration and recognition, because you have already taken a worthy place in the list of VIPs!So quite the same words, dear women, plunge into the abyss of unbridled passion, inspired the imagination and enthusiastic tenderness, together with an exclusive aroma of perfume unsurpassed master of brushes, whose hand only create masterpieces worthy of world fame!