Laser removal of stretch marks.

In modern cosmetology most popular and effective methods to eliminate the various shortcomings of the skin, has long been associated with the use of laser.One of the services offered by beauty salons and a special clinic is laser removal of stretch marks that are always suddenly appear on the body and deliver a lot of inconvenience.

cause may be genetic predisposition, a sharp set, or, conversely, weight loss, rapid growth during adolescence, as well as hormonal (pregnancy, menopause) changes in the body, or endocrine disease.Initially, they have a purple color, but after 1.5 years are beginning to turn white.This occurs because reducing the number of vessels in the tissues of striae (scientific name).

Laser removal of stretch marks will forget about this issue.Young and small disappear forever, and the old is much reduced in size and become no thicker than a hair.The number of visits to the beauty salon, after which will come the desired results depends on the type of stretch marks and skin co


This procedure is painless and is suitable even for very sensitive skin.In addition, most modern lasers have a cooling function.

Also, laser removal of stretch marks has practically no contraindications and complications after the procedure.The effect is noticeable after the first session.

process itself is as follows: the laser beam on the skin and removes the damaged layer.Once it starts normal wound healing, and new cells replenish the surface, where the band used to be undesirable.

the recovery process can take up to two weeks at this time may be redness, irritation, peeling, minor pain and swelling of the skin.If necessary, a doctor or a beautician may recommend a special cream that will moisturize the skin.Also at this time it is necessary to abandon the long exposure to the sun, and at the exit to the street to use sunscreen.

number of sessions and their frequency tells expert, but usually appointed by the second procedure a couple of weeks.

Recently, this method is gaining more popularity as the other methods can not have the same effect as laser removal of stretch marks.Feedback from those who took advantage of this procedure is mostly positive.

The only drawback is its high cost.However, beauty salons often hold shares and make good discounts, making laser removal of stretch marks become more accessible to everyone.In many ways, the cost of services depends on the defects themselves and their condition at the time of treatment.

Also in different salons in the procedure "laser removal of stretch marks," the price may differ materially.Therefore, if you decide to use this method, you must go to the tried-and-proven positive feedback interior.

After removal of stretch marks can again be ashamed of his body and safely appear in a bikini on the beach.And in order to be beautiful and desirable, do not feel sorry for any money.