Face cleaning.

This procedure can be carried out both at home and in the beauty salon.The most acceptable for manual cleaning person at home.Reviews of many women are categorical - manual cleaning person to do only at home!They are based on the fact that no special devices for carrying out this procedure is not necessary.This cleansing, which is squeezing comedones on the skin surface.

woman personally getting rid of blackheads, less harmful to the skin also undergoes controlled soreness compared with the client to trust your face beautician who conducts the procedure for cleaning the face.Reviews of clients of beauty salons claim that if they apply to the interior and with such a problem, the best choice - facial cleansing ultrasound.Reviews of this procedure the most positive, and at home it is impossible to conduct.

Manual cleaning of the face, both at home and in the salon, held at the same circuit.To begin with the skin should be cleaned of all contaminants.It's enough to remove makeup and wash in the usual

way with a foam or gel cleanser used on a daily basis.If the skin is very oily, before cleaning it can be wiped with alcohol lotion or tonic.But do not overdo it - even oily skin easily dry up agents containing alcohol.

Then you need to steam the skin.This can be done in a container with boiling water pour chopped dry grass chamomile, St. John's wort and calendula.Then, covered with a warm towel and breathe the broth over a few minutes - from 5 to 10. The cleaning person - reviews unambiguous women - should be held using only natural products, so even in salons prefer to steam the face of "old-fashioned" way, without the use of special cosmetics forenlarged pores.

Then the problem areas are processed manually.Both at home and in the salon to do this, take a cotton swab or pad, and, holding his fingers a piece of leather with a black dot, squeeze light or stronger pressing comedo out.It should be clean and orderly.Hands before the procedure should not just wash with soap and disinfected with alcohol.Salon Facial Cleansing - reviews warn clients - requires control of whether disinfected hand specialist.Most often Estheticians work in sterile gloves, but some prefer to do without them, as even the thinnest rubber can interfere with the cleaning of the skin from the mud tubes.

After the procedure squeezing blackheads is not recommended for several hours to go out, because the pores are closed immediately.To expedite this process, you need to wipe the face with ice and special cosmetics.Redness resulting pressure if all the wires correctly held for five to seven hours.

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face (regular reviews of clients ambiguous) is more effective and less painful than the manual.Ultrasound is not only helps to remove old dead cells of the skin, clean the clogged sebaceous glands, and promotes skin rejuvenation, as activates the formation of collagen and elastin.

Whatever the cleaning is carried out, it must be remembered that it has contraindications.Clean face can not be carried on the skin with inflammation and damage.Carrying out the procedure more often than twice a month, is also very desirable.