The tattoo on his neck - an ornament or a challenge?

If not long ago tattoos were purely masculine way to stand out from the crowd, but today more and more women in the struggle for the originality and beauty of the resort to the services of tattoo parlors.Increase the popularity of tattoos among women and the beauty industry, which introduced the fashion of tattooing of lips, eyebrows, eyelashes.The tattoo on his neck, of course, is not cheap, and the process of its application is usually very painful.But that does not stop the fashionistas, who with the help of such pattern try to make their way of originality and mystery.

tattoo on his neck for women a huge variety of different options.The most popular to date figures of characters, colors, different dates or phrases.Often phrases adorn their necks modern girls write in English.

Aesthetically, the best on the necks of the women look a little "tattoo."The tattoo on the neck is considered to be universal.Women, who in some cases want to hide the pattern on the body, can safely do, "tattoo" on his ne

ck near the nape of the neck.If necessary, dismissing the hair, you can hide the picture from others.

But it would be desirable "to hang around your neck," sweet butterfly, spider, or even bow, consider whether there is enough of your desire to have not a moment strong enough to endure the pain.The fact that the neck - one of the most sensitive areas of human.And tattoos on his neck - is the result of the procedure, which, compared to the drawing figure, such as the buttocks or ankle, much more painful.

neck skin is very thin, almost devoid of fat, and is located in close proximity to the bones, which increases the discomfort of the tattooing.Professional tattoo masters tend to first offer the girls put a tattoo on any other place on the body, and only then by checking the client's pain threshold, start drawing figure in the region of the neck.Most women by testing directly on the tattoo process itself, come to the conclusion that a tattoo on his neck to anything.

If she still decided to adorn themselves with a tattoo on his neck, it should be ready for that pattern will not heal for one week, and maybe more than one month.For example, a tattoo on his shoulder heals within three weeks, and a tattoo on his neck, it happens, and for three months did not heal completely.The fact that the neck - a very moving organ of the body.The applied under the skin of fresh paint can wash and smeared, and these shortcomings have to tinker with from time to time, which also has been very painful.

Whatever it was, a tattoo on his neck, the value of which can often reveal only the mistress, it is original and unusual.And if a small picture on the back of the head - quite modest decoration is noticeable tattoo on the sides of the neck or the front part of it under the chin - it is undoubtedly a challenge to society, which can only afford a very bold, confident and relaxed girl.